AS weddings are becoming more modern and personalized with the couple's style are  traditional  ideas  disappearing? are couples now looking forward to see each other before the ceremony and have those special moments to enjoy each other before been celebrated by eager family  members?

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I'm not sure to be honest but I do have more and more couples doing photo shoots prior to the actual ceremony, including catholic weddings
My fiance and I plan to see each other before the ceremony. It's just a superstition, so why not enjoy our special day together?
I am a "traditional" girl and perfered to relish that first moment as I walked down the aisle and our eyes met for the first time as our family and friends watched and were able to be a part of that moment as well.  There is something to be said for anticipation.  However, lately it seems the couples are all gung ho on "the first look" shot in their photography line up.  I don't believe personally that it is bad luck or a curse, it truly is a choice to be made by each individual couple.  However, with budgets being tightened up it does save time in turn cutting cost and getting shots out of the away prior to the ceremony. 


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