Florists: What are the top questions brides ask you regarding the flowers?

If you had to name the top question that you always get asked, what would it be? And what is the answer? We're interested in a writing a blog post around this topic and would like to get your opinion. Thanks! - Jennifer

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What flowers are in season? I get asked that the most. In Canada, specifically Ontario there just aren't certain flowers available in some months.
Clarification - most flowers can be imported from other countries but will cost more due to availability. What we usually buy from one grower, is not available in the off season and have to import from somewhere else. Even then supplies can be limited due to various weather conditions and just cannot be available.
While I am not a florist, I have heard from brides that they like simplicity. They like the idea of a hand-tied, simple bouquet with minimal greens. In addition, with floral centerpieces, they do not want something big and billowly on the tables - they want something that does not overtake the table so that guests conversation can happen without looking thru an overpowering piece. A simple bud vase with the colors representing the wedding in floral arrangements, a floating candle and floral petals, that is what the brides I have spoken with are focusing their efforts.
As a florist in Vancouver, BC I get "what is in season" but because we are able to get a lot of flowers through most of the year it can be difficult to explain that even though we can get it its not necessarily in season and costs soar because they are imports. I also get sent a lot of photos asking what it would cost to re-create a particular arrangement. I explain that there are many factors that can influence cost and I always try to meet with them and we can discuss all the options during our meeting. The best piece of advice is to have a good relationship with your florist and find someone that will work with you create your perfect flowers.
As a floral designer located in Toronto, Ontario this question is "What flowers are in season for my wedding day?"
The response to this question is that as a bride, your choices are unlimited. Flowers are grown & exported around the
world & what is not in season in your area is available through import from another country where your choice of flower is in
The availability of flowers & choice of colours are limitless allowing my creativity as a florist to also be limitless for my
Our latest blog tackles the daunting task of categorizing what is available in Washington state. Part one covers winter and spring. I hope that this is a good resource for brides out there.

Seasonal Flower Guide (Part 1)
We also get a lot of girls asking "whats a good flower for this month". Usually, instead of responding with the flowers that are generally "in season", I give them colors. Most brides are surprised to find that we can get pretty much any flower, year-round.
This question of "what's in season", I think, is just a way for brides to get you talking because they really don't have any ideas to start with. If a bride asks you this, its a great opportunity to throw your ideas out and give them something to work with.

Another popular question is "what flower GOES with this flower?" Brides who have a flower in mind usually want to know how they can expand on their idea. Its a good idea as a florist/bridal consultant to have a list handy of flowers that compliment one another by shape, size and color.
Being in the Industry for 10 years now, we have been asked all types of questions. But some of the more common Wedding Flower questions will be regarding the flower availability, price of flowers and what are the latest trends in Wedding Floral design. We also get questions regarding the various services we offer. Various florists supply different services when doing a wedding, sometimes Brides gets confused to what they can expect from the florist. This is a good pointer in your blog for Brides always to make a 100% sure what the flowers quote includes. We supply the flowers, containers, candle holders and candles, but you also get florists that supply other decorating options with the flowers such as coaches, mats, etc. Some florists will also co-ordinate things like tents, chair covers, lighting etc. So make sure brides - never be scared to ask too many questions!!! It also gives us as florists a better understanding of what is expected from us for your special day.


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