I have 2 weddings coming up in July with small childern taking part in the ceremony.  We all know that you cannot count on things going as planned when little ones are involved.  Even though they may steal the show with their antics, what tips, tricks or advice to you have for enticing the little ones to walk down the aisle without throwing a fit?  Curious to see what all you wedding pros have to say!


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you have to play by ear on the day of the event; look for guidance from their parents; they know better than anyone else if the kid is going to be cooperative
Good advice, Caren.  Depending on their age, I often use good old fashioned bribery:)  Candy, lollipops, whatever works.  I also ask my clients whether or not they're okay with me allowing the Processional to progress without the children if they aren't up to it.  Good luck!
Sometimes, it helps to have one of the bridal party walk alongside the little one because the little one once all dressed up will mimic the behavior of the adult because they think they are "hot stuff" so to speak being in the wedding. Also, a draw is having a special gift wrapped and given to the little one once the ceremony part is over. Let the child know (and see the wrapped gift) that they will get it if they can walk down the aisle like a lady or gentleman.
If you are having trouble choosing between two ring bearers, there's no reason why you can't have two ring bearers. Give them each a ring to carry and send them down the aisle together. A ring bearer is usually a young boy between the ages of 4 and 8 who has a special connection to the bride and groom. He may be related to them, or just be a family friend. If any one needs help to plan a wedding,can use the wedding planner iPad app and get gain from it.


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