In a world of give and take it is hard to find good options for getting your name out there without having to pay a lot of money. This is especially hard when you are just starting out. We are a small company and doing all we can by word of mouth and our friends. We also have our website, and craigslist (which can look so cheap), and we now Bridal Tweet (yay!). But just wondering if anyone had any other good suggestions for two eager wedding videographers and a photographer trying to get some gigs and their name out there?

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go to it will show you what you are listed on, and give you suggestions and walk you through getting listed locally on free things such as google maps!
Caren Jeanty - thanks for all the great sites! I have been searching for those myself.

Now I haven't checked into it yet... but i also found

And I'm definitely trying to network with as many vendors as possible.
I was in this same boat, so I got together with some other wedding professionals and had a 'Bridal Event.' Introducing ourselves and using our own resources to pull together a fun event that even the brides got to enjoy for free! Best wishes...
Its also about building relationships and partnerships! Scratch each others backs! Some of my best referrals and advertisers are past clients as well as the vendors that I see / refer! We have a group of event vendors who meet monthly. We talk about new ideas, trends etc.

Leigh Howlett
Easton Country Club
So. Easton, MA
Dear Bridal Tweeter!
I know how hardi it is to start and not pay to much on advertisment and promotion.
It has cost me already more than I had in my head.
It depense where you live. We here in Bonaire have tow great photographers for weddings.
It,s not to much. But I have to let know on the hole wordl first where people can find bonaire....
Because this is where we arrange wedding ceremony,s.
But I can make a deal1 If you send the people to get married in Bonaire to Bonaire, than you come with them and we have both more work!
I think it,s nothing else than networking , and it cost you a lot of time. But on the end, people shall find you and me.

Sunny Regards,
LIsette de Groot
Bonaire Caribbean
Definitely going to be doing some major marketing. We decided that we really want this business and we have started a whole new approach to our business.

I'm excited to announce that we will have become Sweet T Studios now. We are shying away from our personal endeavors and becoming a partnership. My best friend Kelli and I are going to focus mainly on photography and videography, but we have two other amazing and creative women in our company. One who does styling and planning, and the other who is an amazing chef for sweet and savory appetizers, desserts, and one of a kind cakes and cupcakes for weddings and parties. We also do crafts, such as one of a kind veils, jewelry and favors. We want to be a one stop shop for brides.

So as of May 1 we will be pushing to get it all done, first off is our new website and blog. We are going to go to local vendors, and any wedding professionals that we might be able to offer some sort of deal or arrangement with so that we can have a referral that works for both of us.

Another free thing that I have found and an even better way than getting advertisement on others sites is all the wonderful wedding blogs that there are and the chances to be featured. Make friends with the people that run those blogs and send them your work. They focus mainly on real weddings or amazing new ideas and trends. if you have something you can add to that, most likely they are going to want to share it with the brides that look at their blog, and it's a great way for those brides to see your work.

Happy marketing to all! I have a feeling May is going to be a busy month for us.
This was one of the best pieces of advise from this page. is amazing...
We are also a fairly new business and we have found blogging with good content to be very helpful at connecting brides and other clients with us. By giving good free content on a blog people see that you know what you're talking about and that they can trust you. This year in particular that we're blogging an average of twice a week--and of course it's time consuming but it's paid off; I allocate 1-2 hours a day to Internet marketing--we've noticed a jump and a steadiness in our bookings that we attribute in large part to our blogging.

Check out Smart People and other master bloggers and get on their e-mail list for tips sent to your inbox. Blogging is free!


Sharing links with other vendors in your area is also a great way to gain exposure in the market (and it's free).
By adding a "preferred vendors" section on your website, you can add links to companies and have them add your link to their page.
Another great way is to team up with a company in your area to develop a promotion.
For example, I own a boutique invitation studio in Toronto and have recently teamed up with a local wedding photographer. We are in the process of creating a promotion for engagement photos and save the date cards.

Blush Notes
Wow, I didn't expect to see so much information on this subject. I started listing the few that I knew about on my site, so I'll have to add several more after seeing all of these great marketing resources! I'm really excited now about taking advantage of many of these suggestions.

One site I've found is for this amazing group of vendors that have put together a yearly charity event for brides and vendors. You can also be a "photo giver" as part of your donation and they post the photos on their blog, so it's a nice way to get exposure for yourself as well as being charitable. I wasn't able to attend the event this year, but I really want to next year. I think it is only in Seattle at the moment, but who knows, maybe they'll be huge and have a tour! Anyway, here's the link:

A couple more that I've recently found are: (lets you make posts through the site in addition to your blog)
and (does a temporary free listing)

I'm kind of just learning about these sites, including this one (which seems to be amazing so far!), so I'm not sure about how much they can do for you, but they are worth checking out. :) review ... easy to use for free listing... asked for LV ... I will see if accepted... $400 for Basic paid listing. listing or add link to website for $20 a year...more expensive plans available ...easy application...
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If anyone out there sees this do not use our wedding I have checked them out on and they have numerous complaints and i know why . I signed up for their free trial and received a bunch of emails which was great until half of them came back as not valid and the ones that were valid were already married people and they were quite angry and wondered how i even got their email address. I had to explain to half of them that i got it from our wedding and then was told that they did not give permission or whatever for them to give out their emails. when you try to contact them about these leads you never get a response or anything just that someone will get back to you in which they never do. BEWARE of this site.


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