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In a world of give and take it is hard to find good options for getting your name out there without having to pay a lot of money. This is especially hard when you are just starting out. We are a small company and doing all we can by word of mouth and our friends. We also have our website, and craigslist (which can look so cheap), and we now Bridal Tweet (yay!). But just wondering if anyone had any other good suggestions for two eager wedding videographers and a photographer trying to get some gigs and their name out there?

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i put myself on all the free listings. yahoo, mapquest, google, every search engine directory i can. i will get approached by all to do more advertising at a price. i cant afford it all, so stay with the free part of it. i just started to relist my listings all over the place that i can find. i am calling and emailing venues, wedding planners, dj's, florists, others that have to do with weddings,  just letting them know i do weddings and would like to work with them to refer them if they will refer me. i am connecting, but it is time consuming. i am setting up links on my website of the people who agree and it will get you  up ther ein the search engines. 

Hey Bridal Tweeters!

Here are a few FREE advertising sites that I`ve come across. Honestly, out of them all Bridal Tweet is definitely one of the best. There`s more of a community feel over here and much more goodies, but the other`s will help to create an online presence. 

Good luck!

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Your brooms are so pretty and unique!!

You can try several options such as starting a blog,listing your business in local listing websites,classified adds websites and social sites.


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