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In a world of give and take it is hard to find good options for getting your name out there without having to pay a lot of money. This is especially hard when you are just starting out. We are a small company and doing all we can by word of mouth and our friends. We also have our website, and craigslist (which can look so cheap), and we now Bridal Tweet (yay!). But just wondering if anyone had any other good suggestions for two eager wedding videographers and a photographer trying to get some gigs and their name out there?

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Also, is a great resource.

So after my search last night where all I did was look for sites to market freely on, I have to say Bridal Tweet blows most of the others out of the water. I'm going to definitely do some research into places around here that I can go and introduce our company. I had thought of the idea of snail mailing, but didn't really know where to look for that so the suggestions of venues and wedding planners really helped too. Kind of can't wait to try these.
Wedding Wire is another fab site. You should be listed there. Feel free to connect to me on that site! Happy New Year!
I recently read a great article that will be a big help to you as far as videography. As more and more couples are inviting less guests, hotels and venues are trying to find value added ways to get weddings booked. 1)Some have offered live streaming for guests that cannot attend and that is where you come in to partner with the location in adding this service. 2) Along this same lines, how about offering to attend a few weddings and photograph and video for the hotel or venue to show brides before and after and promote the location then afterward by giving the location your video and images where they can see your great work first and then ask to be on their preferred vendor list always with the mindset that you have to give to receive. 3) Another idea is to partner with local wedding planners and offer to do a video ( with the couples permission) at an upcoming wedding that the planner can use to showcase weddings that she has helped plan. This same concept will work for florist, designers, rental companies, linens, DJ's, musicians, entertainers, and so on. I hope this helps. I wish you success and love your willingness to learn. You will have to let me know if any if these ideas worked. If so, I have a lot more to share as well. Champagne Wishes
Debbie, I love your suggestions! My son and Daughter-in-law have a small videography business and I will definitely be passing along these great suggestions to them.
I really love those ideas, we are also thinking of putting together an auction package and getting ourselves out there by creating some gift certificates that we can distribute, so we can get some word of mouth out there. We also have come up with new avenues to use our videography for others and will be making some interesting samples, because we want to have a little bit more of a range than just weddings to open up our market a little bit.
One thing that has caught my attention on Twitter is the fact that a lot of the local wedding vendors in my area use a specific search term that they include in their tweets. I use Tweetdeck for my twitter, so I am able to keep that search term pulled up at all times, so that anytime a tweet contains that term... I will see it.

The good thing about this is that many of the local vendors plan an outing once a month to meet up for dinner and maybe even a game of bowling or such. This allows local vendors to get to know each other on a personal level... which is important since "word of mouth" is the best form of getting your name out there.
You can do this with Google too. You just type in the keywords you want Google to search for and you will get daily e-mails containing the keywords you specified. You can get engagement information, blog updates, websites and everything in between!

Hi Molly - how do you do this exactly?  Can you post the link for where on google you can find this?  

You can also register your business for free at the websites listed below:

Good luck

These are great!!! :)

Hi Candis,

It is hard to research and find the good sites to associate yourself with. Pull up the "Top 100 Wedding Sites" and check them out. Many have free listings.

Also, contact local planners and let them know about you. I don't list vendors on my website because I like to match my clients to vendors who will meet their criteria, thus saving both a lot of time and needless phone calls. Where are you located? I'd be happy to look at your work.

NETWORK! Always have business cards with you. This is something that you never should leave home without! You never know when an opportunity will arise that if you have a business card to give, you might have a new client.


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