In a world of give and take it is hard to find good options for getting your name out there without having to pay a lot of money. This is especially hard when you are just starting out. We are a small company and doing all we can by word of mouth and our friends. We also have our website, and craigslist (which can look so cheap), and we now Bridal Tweet (yay!). But just wondering if anyone had any other good suggestions for two eager wedding videographers and a photographer trying to get some gigs and their name out there?

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join vendors as well
get a facebook page and a twitter page

thats a start!

good luck

Yes and G+ too... or is there anyone actually on there? I don't know.

Also, the is a good option.

Promote!! Promote!! Promote!!

I think this is the same question all of us have asked one time or another,and still asking! Your doing the right thing
have patience and keep spreading the word.. Cause as you know when your first starting out.there is nothing in the budget r to market and advertise. Wedding Wire .. Free. wedding Facebook ,search on line wedding site and eventually you will come a crossed a few site you can advertise for free

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Well one way I know of to meet more videographers and photographers is definitely bridal shows. Used to help out with the photographer my friend worked for and we met a lot. Then it was kind of competition, but you get to know them and it really helps. I mean, how could not seeing another artists style help you in your art, and videography and photography are definitely an art, with a need to be inspired.

I'm definitely gonna try some of the suggestions here. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. If you have any more advise for us just starting out, please let me know. Thanks!
Thanks, Candis, for your suggestion. I've been reaching out to local vendors volunteering to be their 'slave for a day' to get some more hands-on experience and really understand what it's like to do the job.

One more tip...listen twice as much as you talk. People are starved for attention these days so being someone who cares and listens without pressing your own agenda means you'll be very popular.

Happy New Year!
Only problem with this...Bridal shows are VERY EXPENSIVE!  As a vendor, they are the most expensive shows I do.  They charge a lot of money for a very small space.  I don't know why they have to be so expensive!

The reason Bridal Shows are expensive is because the producer spends a lot of money producing and marketing the show.  Most vendors are not aware as to how expensive it is to produce these shows (rent the venue, pipe & drape, insurance, licenses, marketing, etc.)  There are many shows that are not expensive and produce great results.  Bridal Showplace in Southern CA has booths starting at $250.  The last Queen Mary show held on 1/9/11 had 1,000+ brides on the leads list that vendors received.  All that for the booth cost of $250.   You just need to shop around for the best values in Bridal Shows.

That is a great price!  Most of them here in OH are around $650 for 5 x 8 space.  Some of them are even up to $1500 for a 5 x 8 space.  Crazy!

Southern CA Wedding Professionals - Don't Miss the 17th Annual Bridal Showplace aboard the legendary Queen Mary on August 12, 2012 featuring over 100 exhibitors.  Spaces still available.

Call 562-381-2865 or email:


Talk to local event planners. Be professional, they need people like you !

Seconded. We found most of our vendors through other vendors.


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