As a wedding photographer, I do my best to support the other vendors I work with in my little world. I provide images to all vendors by creating a temporary website for each wedding. My vendors can go and download high resolution images of their amazing creations.

What else can I do? I'd love your suggestions.

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I love that you offer access to the high resolution files- some of my customers pay quite a bit for engagement photographs, but then cannot get access to the high quality files, needed for me to use their photograph in a save the date design!
As a wedding planner, one of the most supportive things a photographer can do for me is to stay on schedule. We've been carefully planning the wedding day for months and if a photographer keeps the bridal party an extra 45 minutes for post ceremony pictures, it can really throw a wrench in the flow of the wedding. Also just stating and acknowledging the fact that you aren't there just to take pictures; that you actually want to support the efforts of a flawless wedding- goes a long way. That also starts dialogue for the other vendors to tell you exactly what would be most helpful for them.
I agree. But the reality is that after the wedding is done,the photographer and videographer are the only vendor that the couple continues to deal with. The responsibility for capturing the memories are on our shoulders. I have a dialog with my couple before the wedding about how much time they want to spend taking posed photos.

Usually when a wedding is off schedule it's NEVER because of anything I've done.
So when it starts late, what do we do ?
Does that mean that the Bride has less photos taken ?

Ultimately, a couple should be able to decide what takes priority on their day.
If they want to take photos at sunset and delay something else they need to let the wedding planner know it is their decision.
I think the planner should be in contact with the photographer to determine how much time is required for the photos before the wedding.
I have had planners decide either too little or too much time without checking with me first.

I think we are all there for a common goal. I have great relationships with the vendors I work with
because I want to do what is best for the couple and we work together.
Free high res files are always available to vendors from me. A link on my site and business cards in my office for my favorites.
All of my engagement session couples get their hig res images on a disc also.
I agree with "Love Always..." From a professional wedding consultant's standpoint, the schedule/timeline of the day is key.
Hi all!

Its cool to know that each of us are trying to create more businesses for other vendors...
Similarly, I try to network with as many similar trades as possible and if I know these vendors are credible. Normally, I would recommend my friends and clients to them...

Another thing, we are doing right now, is to have physical samples of other vendors at our place and we do the same as well...

Hope this helps =)

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From a wedding planner's point of view, it would be great to ask your couples if they are using a wedding planner and suggest a few in your area.....some couples don't even consider the possibility because they don't know what we do or why they would need one.
Help them to get what ever they need to make a profit. When our vendors make a profit so do I.

Eric Scott
I recently had an awesome photographer contact me. He offers a 20% incentive to me if one of my brides book through him. Actually, most of my vendors offer some sort of incentive, I honestly pass the discount on to the brides and let them know that they received a special discounted rate by working with me. I have become known for referring vendors to brides and I believe that it is reciprocal.
cool thing jason.....first id like to say , i wish i lived in denver considering i photograph everything myself and im a crappy photog...also i like that you like to connet , we all have to help eachother i agree....keep the love alive!
I also agree with Nancy. I always recommend vendors to couples (it's my job), especially those who are a good potential fit. I know that some photographers do recommend consultants/planners, however, I have heard of some who don't like working with planners. Professional wedding & event planners are absolutely essential in ensuring a close to perfect event and I believe this support is needed.
I always meet with photographers before weddings to determine how we'll work together and would love it if more photographers reached out to me as well. As a wedding cinematographer, I'd love to collaborate with photographers on Fusion projects like still and moving image montages and packages. Love to have workshops together as we're all moving toward DSLR shooting.
As a wedding coordinator, I try to team up for better of a word with other vendors. I have some photographers, florists that i have used and know their work, I am meeting other vendors and will be sharing my business cards along with them. It is team work as I look at it and not a competition.

We all want the same results so why not support each other.


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