I have found that the best way to save money when searching for a wedding gown is resorting to the internet. Unlike brick and mortar retailers, online retailers do not have many overhead costs so they can offer the gowns for cheaper. However,there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping online.
                Always have your measurements ready. Size Charts vary among designers, so it is important to have your measurements ready in order to assure you get the correct fit.
              Look up their return policy before purchasing. Make sure that if you are not 100% satisfied with the gown or if it does not fit properly you are able to return it. However, be aware that with most wedding gowns alterations will be necessary. Watch out for websites with designers pictures but located in China. They often offer you custom gowns for a lower price but end up looking absolutely nothing like the picture. They don't accept returns either.
               Make sure to establish communication with a representative of the website, communication leads to a better understanding of what you want, leading to the best results possible.
              In my research I have found some legitimate website and some that are not so good. One good website to look at is www.blowoutbridal.com, they have great discounts and a very flexible return policy!

Christina Peterson!

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One thing of several I look forward to is shopping for a dress with my mom. Shopping online takes the fun out of seeing her face looking at me in "the dress". Call me old fashioned in this instance but anything past mere online looking at dresses is a no-go.
There are definitely some great deals online. One thing to remember regardless of where you buy your dress is that wedding dresses are always sized smaller then normal cloths. So if you shop online be prepared to order at least two or three sizes above your actual size. When shopping in person remember YOU DID NOT SUDDENLY GAIN WEIGHT. It's the dress, NOT YOU.
Christina -- good advice. To my brides who purchase their dress through our e-Boutique I recommend they still make the trying on experience special. Invite your mom over and/or your friends (those whose fashion advice you trust), pop champagne, and then reveal your gown. The nice thing is that you are in the comfort of your own home and you don't have to feel rushed.


Excellent advice Christina.

I find a lot of ladies contact me with bad experiences with gowns from China. Inadequate boning being one. While you do hear many success stories, they are coupled with the bad such as boning buckled while the gown was being shipped!!
I always tell ladies if they are going to pursue this route to purchase their underwear first and measure wearing it. Let the tape measure be their friend and not have the urge to nip in a few inches.

Sandra, how disheartening it is to be expected to go up a few sizes. While shopping for undies recently, I was put off by the size I needed to purchase rather than the garment itself. Mind over matter me thinks!!
Julie, excellent idea. I always try to make my fittings as special as poss. Many ladies do drive but when consulting, I like to offer a glass of non alcoholic fizz.
I would recommend trying on a dress in a similar style before you purchase online. You may think that you like a dress, but it does not look as good on you as it does in a picture. Also make sure that you are able to return the dress if you are not satisfied.

Happy Planning!
Nicole Keesler
Creative Elegance Weddings
Couldn't aggree with you more Nicole. Photos can be greatly edited!

I wouldn't ask a bride to give up the experience of shopping for a dress at all. However, once you have chosen a style and have your measurements, you can save HUNDREDS by buying online. I can't think of a good argument for not doing that on a dress that gets used for a few hours. I agree that a fair return policy/agreement is essential, no matter who you are dealing with.

This is very helpful. Thanks! I actually saw some designers pictures for good prices at DHgate.com that I was considering. I hope they are for real. Let me check out blowoutbridal then. Thanks plenty!
Buying Wedding gown online is much convenient way to choose the best of you can afford. because you had the huge variety of wedding gown and their price tags to recognize and this is the best way to buy a wedding dress.... I think
But the problem happens when the gown seller displays the good one and send you the other regards as worst one you didn't even think about.... Always beware when buy a wedding gown and try to approach a nearest one I means near your region.
Try this Wedding Gown Process:
Wedding Gown Dress Preservation
Good advice Christina!
I have to say that several Brides have brought those Chinese dresses to me for help after they arrive. They're a disaster in person, the fit is a crapshoot, the materials used are the worst you can possibly imagine. Then the horror of what it will cost to fix the gown and make it wearable? Get ready for $300. to $1000. for MAJOR Alterations. Aside from a Return Policy, you really should be able to ask for is a swatch of the fabric that will be used for your gown including the lining! If they won't send you the real thing, then DONT order!
If you're buying on Ebay a Maggie Sottero #X and the seller tells you its real then you have Ebay's Seller policies if it doesn't turn out to be the real deal.
NOTHING beats trying on the real gown in person!
Word of warning Christina. Based on conversations with the owner of a bridal shop and the workshops we put on, I would highly persuade you NOT to purchase online.
1. Sizing issues
2. Sketchy return policies
3. Try to buy local
No one loves a bargain more than I do but sometimes a bargain isn't always a bargain. When buying your gown at a full service shop like Precious Memories in Malden, MA, you receive the expertise of the bridal consultant for gown style, the perfect undergarments, matching accessories and total wedding fashion coordination for the whole party. We often customize styles to make it the total dream gown. You also have someone to hold your hand throughout the whole process. We are behind the scenes making sure of on-time deliveries and a strict quality control when the gown comes in. If there is a problem with it, we fight with the designer until it is perfect. Our expert seamstresses do not do outside alterations to ensure that the brides who bought their gown with us get our full and deserved attention. It is all steamed and pressed with bustforms, tissue paper, and a $20 specialized garment bag compimentary. We have warmed cold feet, calmed stressed nerves, settled cat fights, and reduced family tensions. We have been mother, sister, friend, psychologist, sounding boards. All in a beautiful setting that enhances the whole wedding planning process. It is not uncommon to spend an extra 20 hours with a bride in the planning process and we are honored with that priviledge. So if you bought online, are unhappy with what you received, don't have an experienced consultant to rectify it, have no one to hold accountable, run around and pay three times more for alterations that you should, and have to pay a cleaner to steam and press it, and find a bag to put it in, have you really saved in the long run or just stressed yourself out unnecessarily and made alot of work for yourself? Isn't it the one day in your whole life you want to be pampered like a princess? You and I are worth it.
Keep it fun,
Precious Memories


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