I have found that the best way to save money when searching for a wedding gown is resorting to the internet. Unlike brick and mortar retailers, online retailers do not have many overhead costs so they can offer the gowns for cheaper. However,there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping online.
                Always have your measurements ready. Size Charts vary among designers, so it is important to have your measurements ready in order to assure you get the correct fit.
              Look up their return policy before purchasing. Make sure that if you are not 100% satisfied with the gown or if it does not fit properly you are able to return it. However, be aware that with most wedding gowns alterations will be necessary. Watch out for websites with designers pictures but located in China. They often offer you custom gowns for a lower price but end up looking absolutely nothing like the picture. They don't accept returns either.
               Make sure to establish communication with a representative of the website, communication leads to a better understanding of what you want, leading to the best results possible.
              In my research I have found some legitimate website and some that are not so good. One good website to look at is www.blowoutbridal.com, they have great discounts and a very flexible return policy!

Christina Peterson!

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Buying a wedding dress is a very emotional experience to find that perfect dress... so by looking at a photo online, how would you determine how you look and feel in that dress?

Would you buy a car without test driving it first? If not, why would you choose to buy a wedding dress that way when it relates to one of the most important days of your life. There are many ways of saving money and budgeting yourself for your wedding, but your wedding dress, and even your wedding photographer should not be something you look to compromise the quality of just to save money.

Its a special once in a lifetime day, and it should be treated that way from the planning, shopping, preparations, and the way you choose to remember the day once its all said and done. So I would encourage you NOT to buy a dress online.

Phillip Brunelle
Massachusetts Wedding Photographer
MA Wedding Photographers
I totally agree with you!! Cathy
I found my dream dress online, and then stumbled upon an eBay listing for it from a dressmaker in China. $170 later (still, I realize a bargain, but I am on an extremely tight budget) and it is no longer my dream dress. The original dress had straps, this one did not. The original dress had a beautiful lace jacket with a train. Mine has a jacket as well, but beautiful isn't the word to describe it. It looked nothing like the picture, was missing a button, and the seams looked like a 5-year old put it together. I've decided to keep the dress itself, since it is well made. The jacket is a disaster and I've decided to not wear it at all. (Which is a shame, because that is the reason why I fell in love with the dress.) I'm now talking with someone about alterations. I have no idea how much that will cost.

I wish I would have done the whole bridal store thing, just to try on a few and get a feel for what I like and am comfortable wearing. The only wedding dress I've ever tried on is the one I bought on eBay!

I am sorry but I do not think buying your Bridal Gown on-line is a good idea!!!  You are not saving a dime..and you risk a lot..even getting the incorrect style, size, even a soiled and damaged dress, including late delivery.  Once these On-Line retailers get your order...you are stuck.


Get your ideas from Bridal Magazines!  Often On-line will show you styles to lure you in and once an order is place it turns out they cannot honor it or will want to substitute with another style.


Deal with Bridal Salons in your local city..they know their inventory inside out and they provide the best customer service any Bride deserves.  Stay Away from Bridal On-line Vendors..especially the ones from China.


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