I just signed up for this new program. I'm excited about it not just because it has so many features and you can actually make money from it! My good friend Holly Mann, who is a successful internet marketer, just told me about it and I wanted to share it with all of you.

It is in pre-launch and only $1 to try for 2 weeks. You can cancel at any time. They are launching in 2 weeks at which time it will probably explode. They offer dedicated servers for hosting with unlimited websites, an autoresponder program, video hosting, conferencing, a website builder with templates, your very own auction site and more. To tell you the truth I have been in the program all morning and I am still going through everything.

The great thing is that its a 2x10 system so you can only put 2 people under you. This means that when 2 of you sign up under me, when I get more people I will put them under you because I wont have any choice. This way you can make money without even trying.

Just so you know, I havent done this yet, so I dont have any proof...I just wanted to give everyone the opportunity to join on the ground level. To me it was worth the small investment of $1 for 2 weeks. Just note, after the 2 weeks, it will go up to $45 a month. That is the monthly rate for the top package. There are other packages available. Most autoresponders are close to that so I figured it was a great deal.

Here is the site if you want to take a look. http://gvoprofits.com/JennaLS

I will try to update this soon.


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OK, so I have two people under me and I didnt personally sign them up. This is the spillover concept. People above you are forced to put people under you so everyone wins. I also saw that they have a video creation module that they are setting up to be included.


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