Reportage and photojournalism have been the buzz words for wedding photography for the last decade. But will it be the chic photography for the next decade....? Personally, I don't think so.

Maybe reportage will remain the Art-Deco of the famous who have "genuinely" had enough of being photographed. Yet as camera-professionals they remain adept at slipping a pose when no one else is looking just in time for their photographer to get a unique moment.

However for the majority of Brides getting married in the next decade, they want wedding photographs which speak of elegance and unbridled passion. Brides want their Wuthering Heights moment; the powerful lust of Heathcliff meeting the tender innocent love of Cathy. Evey Brides dream is to have her Patrick Swayze lifting her from the waters and holding her aloft as the camera captures that perfect moment of love forever.

Photodirection then, is the future. As Madonna once said its time to "strike the pose" and couples want to be able, like her, to look as though its the most natural thing to do in the whole world.

Photodirection is the way forward of creating Sex in the City, Carrie & Berger intimacy for a Bride & Groom who absolutely want more that just a snap when they say "I do" or some cheesy pics with some pretty flowers in a garden some where.

Its not "photojournalsim" and its not "posing" its akin to the way Cameron Crowe directs Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger whereby his direction establishes the scene, then creates the stage on which their passion becomes seen and real for one another.

Photodirection takes a Bride & Groom and enables their love for each other to burst open in the most natural way, creating totally natural and powerful imagery of their true relationship.

More later on what to give Photodirectiuon to a couple.....

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