Has anyone ever called Brides from Bridal list? Is it a good idea or not?

I have done a couple of Bridal shows and of course you get a list. My question would be. I am not too fawned of Cold Calling. What is your honest opinion on doing this cold calling the Brides & Grooms to follow up from the show? Would this be another good way of trying to get appointments?

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I have found that most brides will not respond to cold-calling, especially if you are calling them while they are at work.  I send out e-mail blasts to our lists.  I do an initial list, saying "thanks for stopping by", and then I send out a newsletter every 3 months.  Our shows give us their wedding date, so I remove them from my list after their wedding.  The newsletter gives me a chance to show off pictures of a recent event or talk about other local vendors that we love (this will help you get support from them).  I also always include some kind of small coupon offer after the show. 
Thank you Ladies for your reply., I always look into ways of trying to get cliential if anyone has any suggestion please bring them to the site. Thank you  Angie
Cold calling didn't work for me either. I found sending hand written "Nice to Meet You" notes worked better for me and word of mouth has been really helpful to my business.

Angelica, It will never hurt to call the Brides..but....keep an open mind..not everyone is going to receiprocate and return your call or agree to book an appointment from this list, and don't take it personal.  These lists are all" hit and miss" and a if you get 1 or 2 sales or even appointments from these list...that's good!


I am finding Bridal Expos do provide fabulous exposure, but often your competition see what you have..I don't like that.  The costs of these expos, the bridal lists often do nothing.   I have been involved in 3 got 3 lists of brides from our area locally, only to get in a lot of looky loos who wanted to try on dresses and take pictures in them. I found that discouraging.  Don't let my experience influence you, but this is my experience(s) I am sharing.  Good luck!!! Cathy

I recently had the same question after a bridal fair. I spoke with a friend of mine who specializes in marketing, and she suggested that I don't call them unless I spoke with them at the expo and they showed interest. I will be sending out a mailing and an e-mail as well with a call to action.
cold calling from bridal shows so far has not generated any calls, unless I spoke to the bride at the show

Thank you everyone for your thoughs and opinions as this is so helpful. I do get disappointed at times but with everyelse it is part of the business so i try not to let it disencourage me. Those looky looks may thing they can do it themself's but often find they were better of paying for it.  Lets all keep talking and help each other out.



Inland Empire.

Hi - I wouldn't call.  I have done a bridal show in NY in Oct last year.  I have teamed up with a friend of mine who's a wedding planner.  I wouldn't suggest to call usually you would either, 1- get hung up on 2- no one calls you back.  I think it's best to send a nice friendly email providing you have their email.  Some will respond back and some won't.  It all depends on how the bride will be.
I don't like to call either ...  I send greeting cards as a follow-up for .62 cents a card plus postage.  I don't even write the cards out.  They are printed, addressed, stamped & mailed for me.  Why do I send a greeting card, because 98% of greeting cards get opened and read.  Email, for me, is a bit impersonal and ends up deleted or in a spam folder.  I've tried it; it didn't work.  Direct mail correspondence also has not worked for me.  The greeting cards have.  The bridal show I attended gave the list on an excel spreadsheet.  I easily uploaded it into my system, created a form card with a marketing incentive, and sent out a batch of 500 in 5 minutes.  I got a great response.  Three months later, I repeated the process with one click and had another great response.  One month later, I did it again to the same group and got another great response.  I use a greeting card system because it works.

To Diane: Do you mind sharing what service you use to create and send the greeting cards?  Thanks!

Sure.  I use SendOutCards for my follow-up with my wedding business.  Actually, I like it so much, I am now a distributor for the company.  It really helps me stay top-of-mind with my customers in a personal way quite conveniently and inexpensively.  Send a free card on me if you want, www.sendoutcards.com/91045.
I really don't think Bridal Shows work...that is my opinion. I went to one this weekend and found the same people there!  These shows are expensive and I don't think they bring the best return on your investment. You simply cannot attend all of them!!  They usually have mixers before they hold their show where anyone in the Bridal Business can attend and workshops..I would go to these and weigh my options. With the economy the way it is and many still out of work..they are just looking and are in no hurry to get married!!


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