Bridezilla is actually a new term for me.  I am a weight loss coach and I realize that one of the great "side effects" of the plan that I use is that people not only lose weight, but they are also calmer, more clear-thinking, and don't have the energy and mood swings that can drive them and other people crazy.  I'm thinking --why wouldn't this would be true of brides on the program?  Of course they want to look good and fit into their wedding gowns, but I'd like to hear more and understand what a bride might need in a weight loss plan so I can customize my current program.  Wouldn't it be nice for vendors to have calmer brides?

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Funny story, well told.  Have you ever thought about writing?
Thanks. Yeah, I think a lot about writing. Mainly now, I just write wedding entertainment-related material for couples getting married.
Think about it!  Are you doing a compilation to sell as a book?
Okay! Time to plug a book! The Best Wedding Reception...EVER! by Peter Merry. On another note, yes. On the drawing board is a book featuring a collection of humorous accounts of  memorable mobile DJ "adventures."
No never have. All my brides are awesome!
Lucky!  Where are you located?

Only once!  The biggest mistake I ever made and one that came back to haunt me later.  I agreed to help a girl who had no one and I felt sorry for her.  I wound up feeling sorrier for myself and ALL the other vendors at that wedding.  She was rude and obnoxious and her checks bounced.   She also proceeded to trash us on bride forums with lies.   I learned my lesson.  Sometimes you have to say no.  I have worked with difficult brides, but it is their day and my job to make it perfect.  It doesn't bother me.

Yeah, bouncing checks are another kind of nightmare--one that probably won't be prevented by living a healthier lifestyle.  I want to work with wedding planners who are interested in offering brides an extra service--fitting into their wedding gown without going on a diet that ruins their health and disposition.
I offer my brides whatever service they need to make their weddings perfect.  I don't advocate ridiculous diets, only being healthy and feeling good about themselves.   No one knows what size the gown is!   If a bride wants a personal trainer or a smart eating plan, I would help them find a good fit.   Brides, like all people, come in all shapes and sizes.  My job is only to give them a day to remember.
I know! I can imagine that an extreme diet would make things so  much worse. I use a low glycemic impact eating style, which reduces energy and mood swings, and is something that they can be on for life, to stay healthy and happy, and support sexual and reproductive health through every age.
I just recently performed hair and makeup services for a bridezilla.  At her consultation I informed her that if she wanted hair extensions that she should buy the highest quality hair pieces she could find because the less expensive ones usually don't maintain a curl or style very well.  We discussed her skin type (oily) and I informed her that not even professional grade airbrush makeup would hold up very well in the Texas heat.  So, of course she bought low quality hair extensions, and i could tell because they would not take a curl.  To top it off she scheduled her photo shoot outside on a very humid 78 degree sunny Texas winter day.  We will not be doing hair extensions on the wedding day, and the reception is indoors.  Brides we love you......but sometimes you will be better served if you listen to your wedding professional.  The pictures she took indoors looked beautiful!!!!
All my brides have been wonderful..but I have had to deal with some "friendzilla's" and "momzilla's"....the friendzilla is also known as the "jealous girlriend syndrome"..who often tries and succeeds talking the Bride out of everything no matter how good it looks on her..this person should stay home!  Also, the "momzilla" is often the Mother who is not happy about the marriage..and tries everything possible to talk her daughter out of buying a dress and finds fault with everything...


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