How can I pull it all off with a 1k budget? I have the venue, which is 300 to rent but other things like decor and ideas help!

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Hi Heather, what are your wedding colors?
They are Fuschia, black and silver. Im set on a masquerade bash, like buying masks from Oriental traiding and beads but thats all I got
Congratulations Heather! Where is the venue? You did well to get one for New Years Eve
The ceremony is going to be at Pennypack on the Delaware in Philadelphia. Its a free site but rentals are 100 dollars and I am having the reception at a rec hall for 200 dollars all inclusive except cake and some drinks. yea you have to book a year in advance and with the ceremony site it is going to be outside in the snow. and quick : ) the rec hall is a few blocks away
I would definitely suggest forgoing a wedding cake (seeing as they can be difficult to make and if you buy one they can cost a pretty penny) and instead opt to do cupcakes. They are easy to make on your own and you get to have a variety of cake options for your guest. Buy a cupcake stand (which can be bought pretty cheaply at a dollar store) and viola! As far as decorations, be creative! Incorporate things that are meaningful to you both as a couple along with your color scheme. My suggesting would be to visit a party store and see if you can find some inexpensive vases fill em with some water and/or purple stones. If there is room in your budget... get some fake flowers and fill the vases.

Just be creative and whatever you do be sure that it is important to you and you groom! Hope this helps!
Oh and here is an example of the cupcakes:

Also, google diy weddings and a ton of information is at your disposal. One more thing, if you need photography options, trying seeking out photography students (if there is an art school near where you live). Since they are learning they would probably charge you nothing to very little to shoot your wedding and at least you know you are getting someone who knows how to use a camera properly. Good luck and congrats!
thanks ladies


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