I m new to this website and i love it already!

Thankx to Christine for following me on Twitter

My name is Barbar and i own a small wedding planning and wedding dress boutique online

Can anyone visit my website and give me a feedback on how to improve things

I ve been in business for the past 2 years, and i m just now finding new ways on how to get out there and participate in wedding forum

Thanks for the help

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Hi Barbara and welcome.

I am fairly new here also, and am loving the site.

If you post your URL I would love to have a look at your site for you,



Beautiful Weddings on a Budget

thanks Angela i forgot to put the link


tell me what you think

the website is in both french and english

Hi Barbara,

wow, you have some gorgeous dresses on your site! I especially love short and sweet :)

I think your site is very elegant, the only recommendation I would make, is can you divide your site into English/French, eg have a tab at the top to select either language? The only reason I suggest this is because I found it a little bit difficult to navigate between the two languages on the same page.

Otherwise, I LOVE it! Would love to swap links with you.



Beautiful Weddings on a Budget

Thank Angela

love ur website too, i forwarded your link to my husband (the jewelry section),

thankx for the feedback

good idea on the select your language tab

i guess i m gonna have to swallow my pride and ask a professional s help

i did the website myself and it will be a lot of work to do everything in english too,

let s swap links to help each other out

you might be able to do a lot of it by copy and paste, since you have all the info there already. You have done a great job on your site, looks fab!

I'll put your link on my site now, it will appear under blogroll on every page!


Beautiful Weddings on a Budget

thanks i did the same

Hello to both of you and welcome to magnificent BridalTweet!!

I love this site and helped me a lot with Christine's articles, in addition I had the opportunity to make new friends.   I wish you the best !

Hi Barbar welcome from NYC


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