HELP! I want to do a Bridal Show with folks and I need your input

I want to do a Bridal Show in Woodland Hills, Ca Marriott with folks in November and I need your input. Even if you used them in another location
1) has anyone used
2) if so was the turnout good
3) was it worth the cost of $765 for a 8x8 + $65 for power
Thanks in advance

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Hello! Wow that price is a bit high. I'm not sure if it's because of the location, but I am also interested and just might do the HCTB show in January in Corona, CA. I have never done this bridal show before either. But that's not what I was quoted. For the same size booth, I was quoted $395 + $45 for power. But this is the show in Corona. Not sure if you're interested in doing the show in Pomona, CA in Feb of next year. That show is only $565. I think it also depends on what booth you want.

Who did you talk to at HCTB? My contact was Micki Love. If you talked to anyone else, contact her and tell her that I referred you to her and see what she quotes you. My name is Leslie Velazquez of "Veils and Fairytales". I've been communicating with Micki about this show in Corona for the past couple of weeks.

If you do do the show in Nov, let me know how it goes for you!! You can email me:

Good luck!!


Yes I am working with Micki here is the price sheet and layout . Please call and see what kind of a price you can get maybe seh sent me the wrong flyer

Thanks for your time


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