Help me choose a dress for my May destination wedding in Aruba

I need help choosing a dress for my destination wedding this May in Aruba. We are having 50pp with a beach ceremony and reception inside.  Let me know what you think!!! or if you have any suggestions Im all ears!! Thanks
Dress 1
Dress 2
Dress 3

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I vote for dress 2
love dress # 2 also! so elegant!
It's hard without knowing your frame and build but I really like #1 for something outside and #2 still outside but a bit more formal and or bling!
I vote for Dress 3.. It is so beautiful and the style is perfect for a beach wedding.
I vote for dress # 3.  I think it is elegant, sexy and perfect for a beach wedding.  If it was me, I would make it strapless if possible. 
Love dress 1 - elegant yet slightly more casual than the other 2 dresses. Perfect for a beach wedding :)
I vote for dress 1. It is so beautifully ethereal and unique. It looks like a dress that would fit perfectly in Aruba.

I love dress 1-its very simple, elegant, and sexy and I think it will look fabulous on you =) Its perfect for a beach/destination wedding in Aruba. In my experience you want a light and airy dress any time you're doing a beach wedding so your dress doesn't hold or slow you down.

Love the other two as well but I think Dress 1 is perfect. =) Good luck!

Like here in Bonaire , Aruba is also hot. Take care that you can breath in your dress and have a fabrique very very light!!

wedding planning Bonaire wish you a great day!!!

Dresses 1 & 3 are my favorite.
I'm voting for dress 1.  Your destination is Aruba and that is a dessert.  If you want that feel of being beautiful and being stranded on a dessert island, go with 1.
They are all lovely but I would have to say #1. It's exquisite and sexy and I cannot imagine not feeling absolutely beautiful in it!


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