As we get ready for the 4th of July festivities, Bridelines wonders… weekend weddings….a great way to have extra time to celebrate or a guarantee that your friends will be angry at you for ruining their beach getaway?

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I had my wedding on Memorial Weekend last year. No one (that I know of) complained of ruining anyone's getaway plans. But, we did send out save the dates way ahead of time because of this, as well as sending out the actual invitations almost 2 months in advance to give our guests plenty of time to RSVP.

Unfortunately, that weekend ended up being a sort of bad one (I was so upset!!) because it was raining and we had bad thunderstorms (and even a tornado, which is unheard of where I live in So Cal!) the days leading up to our wedding day. It rained heavily on our rehearsal which made many of us late. Rain threatened our actual wedding day and it was overcast and quite cold (for being late May in So Cal), but it never actually rained (thank goodness!). I was so upset because our ceremony was outdoors, and if it had rained, the ceremony would have had to be moved indoors and would have ruined everything!! But it didn't!!! It turned out to be a wonderful day after all...
I do not think that friends will be angry at a holiday wedding if they are close friends. We love to support our friends and families. Guests are going to attend what they want to attend any time of the year. We all have busy lives, but we make time for the things that are important to us and we do the best we can to attend as much as we can. A 4th of July wedding could be a lot of fun - from a decorating standpoint, it could have the "wow" factor!
I agree. I had my wedding on Columbus day because of the cost savings as we had a limited budget. I didnt get any complaints and it was a beautiful day. Everyone was off already so it made a lot of sense. Ideally, if you can afford it, a weekend would be better, but I would definitely advise to look into holiday weddings especially for the cost savings.
We had our wedding on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend which was fabulous. For one, for most people it gives them at least one extra travel day and flexibility. For two, we only got charged the Sunday rate instead of the Saturday rate, which saved money, but it still felt like a Saturday night wedding with all of our vendors. I do agree that you should send of save the dates early. But, if some guests would rather do their usual getaway that weekend instead of coming to your wedding, my view was that they shouldn't be there anyway!:) Congratulations!
My husband and I got married on a Memorial Weekend - I honestly did not give any thought as to how my guests would feel about it. My take on it is that it is my wedding and I will pick which date would work best for both of us. As it turned out, most of the people on the guest list were able to come, even the ones that were out of state - and everyone had a blast!

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