I was just wondering for all the other wedding planners and perhaps photographers out there that need to communicate quickly and effectively on the DAY Of, what is your chosen form of communication to reach your assisting staff quickly.  For instance, you are with the Bride and your assistant is with the Groom and you need to coordinate timing or, You are bustling the Bride's dress and there is a situation arising in the ballroom that you need to be made aware of.  What form of tech savy communication do you and your staff use? 

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Blackberry for me
cell phones! its the way i communicate with my assistant, when we are apart.

cell phone for urgent things. but mostly blackberry as well for me. 

an event planner should not be without one! ;)

I am unable to connect the vendors of wedding requirement.For wedding ,only few time is left.I need information for the wedding requirement things.so somebody help me out of here.


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