Are these pictures imperative for the success of the wedding? Are they a waste of time?

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I think engagement photographs are a great addition to any wedding not to mention that they are another great way to get to know your photographer. They also provide guests and relatives an intimate view of the couple. We personally love the idea of an engagement photograph framed with a place for guests to sign at the reception. It's a great keepsake that can be seen and treasured everyday! We vote a big thumbs up on engagement photographs! :)
So NOT a waste of time. Not to sound like a broken receod, it is a great chance to know how your photog works, gets you comfy in front of our big cameras :), and gets you prepared for your wedding day. To me its not as hectic as the day so you can really let your bride and Groom know what looks good on them how they smile, how they stand and so much more. And you get great photos out of it! Its a win-win...
yup i agree as well. Definately NOT a waste of time at all. It give you the opportunity to know your photog and get comfy in front of the camera! You also get the change to practice all of your crazy wedding poses lol :)
I love engagement photos because they can be used to create a one of kind signature book, where the guests can enjoy your pictures and sign and leave a message. They can be used also for centerpiece books, to give the opportunity to the closest family members to look at while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive or also to bring home and cherish.

A HUGE yes to engagement pictures!!!
Check out the engagement pics post on Bridelines. and give us your thoughts!!
I think engagement photos are a great way to tell the story - beginning to end. We all have a story. It starts with the engagement...coupled with the events leading up to the wedding and those photos - i.e. bridal shower, Jack & Jill, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, etc., the story comes together. Photo opps are never a waste of time!
Thanks for everyones comments! Love the great discussion. Check out our post on engagement photos!
Engagement shoots are a great way to get a feel for your photographer's style on a personal basis. They are also a good way to create a save the date or a wedding favor. It's a great escape from the pressure of wedding planning and to have some fun in a favorite place or an interesting destination. Why not take advantage of this opportunity for a photo op!
+1 for engagement sessions. Between shots to use leading up to the wedding, just a chance for the couple to get comfortable with their photographer and loosen up, it's just too good of an idea. Heck I've been known to give it as a free gift if the couple pulls it out for budget reasons. I think the value of it far exceeds what little I might make on it - if nothing else they'll be more comfortable seeing me around on their wedding day.
Engagement photos can also be used for personalized custom photo invitations. This is a new innovative and very affordable way to have your invitations done. In addition you can also use these in your Wedding Photo Book as the intro pages to your wedding story and in a custom digital scrapbook style poster that all your guests can sign at your wedding.

ScrapFree PhotoBooks
I'll say YES many times. We do too offer framed portrait of B&G at the signing table, it adds very nice touch to the whole wedding theme. Also, i think that E-session brings the best in a couple.
It's probably going to sound silly, but you can pretty much predict their future, by the way they behave. I'm not a psychic, but there is something about it.....
Just to reiterate what all the other photogs have said... I LOVE engagement sessions. Why? Very simply, I get to spend time with my client before the wedding day which means I get to know them a little better & I get to see how they are in front of the camera before the big day.

Now for the bride & groom, if you are unsure about which photographer to use, book an engagement session first. This way you get to see his/her work before the wedding as well as work with the photographer & see if this is someone you'll want to spend all day with. Also see if the photographer will give you credit on the wedding package if you select them (this of course only applies to packages that include engagement sessions).


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