I can't decide on what type of dress to go for or what suits me.
Anyone else switch constantly thinking between styles of dresses?
Currently switching from classy elegant style to unique different dresses and no idea how to narrow down as I like all dresses!
At this rate I will be wearing 3/4 on the day as I can't decide smile

Does anyone know what style for paris wedding  a thin on top and thin waist and bust but bigger on hips and legs style would suit?

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Hi, we also had a similar confusion about the wedding dress selection at my sister's wedding. She had chosen the nicest three bridal gowns she wished to wear. It was tough for us to choose the best of the three for her special day. Then my cousin suggested opting for a wedding dress that matches the wedding venue stage design. So you can also try it out with the colour combo of the venue and the dress.


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