Green Themed Weddings are really popular these days.
How can we be eco friendly with our weddings and still make it our own.
I was thinking maybe the decorations, like live plants or favors?
Any sugguestions.

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I saw centerpieces that were edible with herbs in decorative planters. They had the meat rolled up like flowers and such. Go on the and go under green weddings. Or look up echo friendly weddings, they usually always have something green.
You could also use grapes and do a wine bottle them withthe grapes around the bottels. The have candelabras that go into wine bottles for a great centerpiece.
I am looking into edible flowers at the moment, the only thing is you need to be careful about how they are grown...believe it or not you can eat fuchsia, gardenia, jasmine, pansies and violets. You could make a lovely centre piece out of fresh lavender (for example) then dry and send out as gifts after your wedding (or for Christmas gifts!), then everyone will have a lovely reminder of your day and the flowers won't go to waste.

I think it's a really interesting idea and am going to look into growing some of these edible flowers in my garden next year!
The best advice I can offer if you're trying to be eco friendly without skimping on what you want is to think each element all the way through. When you see something and you initial reaction is that you love it and you "have to have it" question how it fits into your day. What will happen to it during and after? If the end result is that it's going to be thrown away and it's going to create a lot of waste, maybe it's not the best option for you if you're trying to be mindful of the environment. gives great tips on how to offset the carbon footprint of your big day. I believe that there are other sites out there that will actually let you register for certificates where your guests can make purchases/donations towards reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding.

Where are you planning on having your ceremony? If your party size isn't too large, you might consider exchanging your vows outdoors in a beautiful setting that doesn't need extra decoration.

I Do New York does just that. We plan simple, intimate, beautiful wedding ceremonies in Central Park. While the park is naturally green, our ceremonies are too! A natural setting like this lends itself to a more organic feel and there's less of a need for bringing in lots of extras. Not to mention, there are a countless number of photo opportunities near gorgeous water features, bridges and statues. All the decoration has been provided for you! You're saving money and having a "green" wedding at the same time! If you think you might be interested in one of our all inclusive wedding packages check out to learn more.

In regards to your reception, I agree with the posts about the plantable centerpieces. These are becoming very popular! I think there might also be paper that exists now that is made up of seeds. Your guests would be able to take anything that you use it for and plant it, they would have a reminder of your special day when spring rolls around and you'd still get to have all your printed materials. You might also want to consider creating a wedding website where you can post relevant directions, menus, updates or anything of that nature to cut down on the amount of printed materials you create.

You can also find wedding dresses and fabrics that are made from all organic materials and weren't ever exposed to pesticides or anything of that nature.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with your planning!
One way to have an eco-friendly wedding is to purchase wedding invitations that are made of recycled paper.  Also, only using one envelope rather than the traditional two envelopes is a great way to save paper.
My suggestion is don't use green alone.Use other color also,Like the orange,red and yellow etc.Pick the less color for wedding because too much color won't look like good.GooD LucK! for the couples.If any couples need help,then they can use the wedding planner iPad app and get help from it.


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