Green Themed Weddings are really popular these days.
How can we be eco friendly with our weddings and still make it our own.
I was thinking maybe the decorations, like live plants or favors?
Any sugguestions.

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*Wear a Vintage or Heirloom wedding gown! Re-wearing is much less expensive, and can be updated for a fun modern twist on a vintage look.
Info on choosing the right vitnage gown, how the process works, and design ideas:

**Have an Organic Gown handmade for you! Janay A Handmade specializes in eco- wedding dresses, using soft, textured organic cotton, grown and processed in the USA.

*** Paper Flowers!

*** We just attending a wedding where the couple used mason jard as glasses, and then let the guests take them home for canning. A sure way for the bride and groom to get canned homegrown goodness through the winter!

Namaste, earth lovers!
We are an Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, cleaners throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Ecuador who specialize in cleaning, restoring, and preserving wedding gowns. We are unique in the industry in that we offer ZeroCarbonTM gown cleaning and preservation., the leading non-profit climate solutions organization, helped us calculate ALL of the carbon emissions from driving to and from the venue, the manufacture of the completely acid-free paper and tissue, and the process of cleaning and preservation. We make donations to to offset the carbon footprint, and they use our donations for worldwide reforestation projects. For more information about our ZeroCarbonTM cleaning and preservation, visit or call us at 800-501-5005.
We love to help brides maximize the use of their wedding flowers. By hanging flowers in vases from the wedding aisles the decorations can do double-duty centerpieces at the reception and again as party favors or donated to a local nursing home.

Any live plant would be adorable in place of flowers. Just transfer your favorite 4 inch plant into the plastic pot, add the decorative sleeve and hang them with Doey's pew clips for church weddings or with ribbon from chair backs and shepherds hooks.

We have a variety of colors and patterns and more ideas on our website and blog. Hope this is helpful! ~ Cathy

Artcadia design and produce wedding stationery using eco-friendly materials

A nice idea for an eco friendly wedding favours are wild flower seeded papers with notes on, these can also be used as place cards. Artcadia can supply these luggage tag style cards printed or unprinted (for handwritten messages)

Giving seeds as favors is a popular green idea as well as using potted plants as a centerpiece. You also could make a donation to an environmental cause in lieu of giving favors.
Capcatchers are a great green groomsmen gift! Made in New England with local materials.

Check it out here:
Reuse, reduce, recycle!

One easy way is to let your bridesmaids rent their dress or wear something they already own (your bridesmaids will also thank you for this!). With an average of 4-5 bridesmaids per wedding and over 2m weddings in the US alone, that is a LOT of unnecessary taffeta lining our landfills. Men have been renting tux's for years - giving women the same opportunity would both reduce the number of dresses manufactured per year and increase the amount of reuse per dress.

There our a few new websites (our included) which offer stylish bridesmaids dresses for rent at a fraction of the retail price. Message me for more information!
Our specialty coffee catering service, based in the Northeast, offers green options to its wedding clients. Our baristas serve up delicious espresso-based beverages in fully biodegradable and compostable cups upon request.

For hot beverages: Choose from chlorine-free, sugar cane based cups or those made of paper that is free of chlorine, petrochemicals and animal ingredients coated with a polylactic acid which is made from corn and potatoes.

For iced and frozen cappuccinos: Order clear cups which are made of resin derived from corn starch.

Or, another great, green option is to special-order reusable ceramic or travel mugs featuring the event theme or couple's monogram. These become a keepsake reflecting the couple's commitment to the environment and or featured as wedding favors. We can also arrange glassware and china rental options with your caterer or host site.

More and more brides are ordering "greenware" upon bookingt with us. It’s a small thing to do to sustain our planet.
You can include "green" in your wedding with a Green Wedding Prize Pack for SmartBride's. Enter to win an eco-chic prize valued at $445! This prize pack includes goodies from divine chocolates, SmartBride Boutique calendar, floral hair accessories and more!
Like many of the others, I posted a short blog about the subject. One thing that really stuck out to me was not only buying your dress on consignment, but donating the dress back to an organization, such as Brides Against Breast Cancer ( or The Bridal Garden, who helps Sheltering Arms Childrens Service ( If you would like to read my blog for more info, read it here.
Here at Invitations by Ajalon, we try to be as green as possible during our letterpress printing process!

Our inks are soy-based, not loaded with chemicals like some other letterpress printing studios. We carry a spectrum of different colors, so you can be assured you have different design options, even though you are going "green."

We use tree-free, 100% recycled cotton paper, and no scraps go to waste. We recently introduced bamboo paper to our eco-friendly family as well. The unique texture of the bamboo paper coupled with the sustainable nature of the bamboo plant create a wonderfully green wedding invitation resource.

A huge way brides are going green in the letterpress wedding invitation world is by printing RSVP postcards. You eliminate the need for an envelope, and it is super convenient for your guests!

Remnants from our letterpress wedding invitations are made into day of items like place holder cards, favor tags, and much more.

Eco-Friendly Letterpress Invitation Special
Saving money on green items can also give you some extra cash to sp...
Some great ideas on how to be a bit greener at your wedding. Something which I like the idea of is creating your decorations out of things you can then eat! yum... I have posted some ideas on my blog some use lollipops and sweets, another idea is for your table centres to be created out of cupcakes, then for dessert everyone can eat the table centre and there is no waste! And you save money on dessert. :o)


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