How important are return policies for bridesmaid dresses or wedding dresses?

What's interesting to me about shopping for bridesmaids dresses is that we all know you have to order early and that most dresses are made to order, which means you can't return them. How does this affect your dress buying experience?

Were you afraid to buy online? Were you much more price conscious? Were you inclined to go to more "non-traditional" by buying a dress from a retailer like J. Crew or Ann Taylor where you couldn't choose any color you wanted but you knew they would take returns?


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In general I'm not one to buy something unless I really like it and usually don't return things, so this wasn't really a factor when I was looking for my dress or my bridesmaid dresses.

But, I'm sure that there are brides out there that would appreciate being able to return their dress since I've met a lot of 2 dress brides.
Well, I have already tried purchasing a prom dress online at goodorient (dot) com. It has really good dresses to offer. I got my Magnificent Blue Rose Dress for only 268$! I have seen it at the other website, it cost around 350$ and you still have to go to their shop for some transaction! At Good Orient, having a dress that you want is hassle free. :)


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