How Important is The Groom and His family when planning a wedding( Revisited)

Last year I posted this discussion that  I would like to revisit " How Important is the Groom and his family when planning a wedding"

As a Wedding Planner I often hear "The wedding is all about the bride and what she wants" What do you think and what do you do to make sure that the groom and his family does not feel left out?
For the past couple of years grooms and their families are becoming more involved in the wedding planning process be it financially or adding more of their family's religious, cultural and family traditions  I also begin to notice that there was alot of anamosity and hurt feelings on the side of the Grooms family. So I decided to change how I did things so that I could make the entire process of planning a wedding less stressful.

During my first consultation I require that both bride and groom are present and the only ones in attendance are the bride and the groom why?? Because they are the two getting married I also do this so that I can get a true feel for both the bride and the groom.  Prior to our initial consultation they are both given a questionnaire(I am not talking about your traditional run of the mill bridal/client profile you download from somewhere) it goes in dept as to what they both really envision their wedding to be and guess what? The bride is not always the one who likes yellow and wants the fairy tale wedding.

So again Wedding Professional and Brides what do you do to make sure the groom and his famliy does not feel like the unwelcome guests at his wedding?

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I think it is a great idea to meet with both bride/groom.  I am finding that the majority of my grooms are becoming so involved in the entire wedding process.  Both couples attend the meeting when we are ready to finalize all details.  Actually, I have a few couples this year where I am dealing with the groom more than the bride.  It does feel odd at times because many years ago I always remember the bride and her mom were the two key people but back then the brides parents were writing the cheque.

  I think some of this change may be due to "who is paying for the bill" More couples today have to pay for their own wedding and I think the groom may be close by to keep an eye on the budget as well as providing input.

From this point on they will be making decisions together so why not start with the wedding! 

They say when you marry your husband or wife you marry their family.  You want to all work together to make it a wonderful experience.


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