I have decided to order sandalwood fans as favors for my wedding.  I am having an outdoor wedding in August.  I am also going to make some sunscreen favors. 


I have approximately 62 people on my invitation list.  31 are male, 31 are female.  My husband to be says, "No fans for the men!".  I want there to be enough to go around; however, I don't want there to be loads of left over fans. 


How many fans should I order?  36, 48, 60??


I am going to create 50 or the sunscreen favors. 



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 Dear Bride, I have to say if the fans that looks like more for a girl, your husband to be is right, what about sunglasses for the men? either way you decide to do it. order ten extra 41 fans because some might be broken and 41 something else? or 72 fans.


Yours Truly Just the Right Touch

Hope I was some help,


Hi There,


I would figure out your costs for the favors and discuss it with your future husband.  I would do one favor per couple, but that is your call.  Congratulations, Cathy Montante, Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique and Bridals, (831)626-1287, www.collezionefortuna.com

You may also want to consider having a few extra on hand for 'keepsakes' for yourself, mom, mother-in-law, etc.

I would say a few extra fans (the previous recommendation of 10 sounds about right), but have more extra sunscreen (just in case the ladies like to be careful about sun exposure too!).  The 50 you are planning sounds pretty good!  Congratulations!  Kelly




If they only come in multiples of 12 (the 36,48, or 60) I would tend to go with the 48 or 60.  My husband and I went to a wedding in July last year 98 degrees and no air in the church - believe me the men were using the pink fans, at that point they didnt care :)

You are better off having some extra than not enough - and like the first reply, some my be broken.



Lots of great advice here. I would say you should base it on how hot it normally is at that time of year where you are having your wedding. If it is very hot, then you definitely need to get around 72 - enough for everyone plus extras. If the fans are not personalized, you could also check to see if you can return any unopened packages that you don't use. Sometimes that's possible. Just make sure you don't open the extras unless you have to, and keep track of your receipt.

For sunscreen, remember that the women probably won't be putting on extra sunscreen if it is going to ruin their makeup. If it is that hot and sunny, you'd be better off making sure you are set up in some shade. Water bottles and lip balm with sunscreen in them would also be a good choice.

Congratulations and good luck!

I ended up purchasing 60 fans.  I also ordered 60 bottles for the sunscreen.   That is 62 people that we have on the invitation list, not 60 people who have RSVPed, so I doubt we have 60 guests. 


Thanks, everyone for your advice. 

hi since you are having 62 guests you would divide that by each family, which is 1 to each family.  It would be half 32.  it's always good to have extra to keep for yourself, in laws and or if they break on the way as they are shipped. It's always good to have extra.  I would go with the 48 to be on the safe side


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