I have decided to order sandalwood fans as favors for my wedding.  I am having an outdoor wedding in August.  I am also going to make some sunscreen favors. 


I have approximately 62 people on my invitation list.  31 are male, 31 are female.  My husband to be says, "No fans for the men!".  I want there to be enough to go around; however, I don't want there to be loads of left over fans. 


How many fans should I order?  36, 48, 60??


I am going to create 50 or the sunscreen favors. 



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Don't forget fans for the bridal party for after the event and even female relatives out of town who can't attend.  Every girl will want one to remember your special day.  Bottle openers have been a big seller this year for the guys.  There are some cute ones out there.  Or you could give out drink tickets to the guys....they are usually at the bar anyway.  LOL.  Hope your day is spectacular.
For our favors I''m filling small candy jars with some really yummy Key Lime White Chocolate Chip cookies and they are super delicious - not to mention the flavors match our color scheme!!  And they are made in the same state as where we are having the wedding.We also have another information also that give thanking card that is the thing used to remember for long time.
Hi.  I would go with one fan per couple and think the sunscreen idea is perfect.  I do many outdoor weddings and we always have a bottle of sunscreen on a table as guests arrive.   Another suggestion is chilled bottles of water with your wedding name and date right on it.

If you are going to give the women the fans then why not order a box of cigars for the men. Cigars seem to be all the rage - whether the smoke them or keep them as a souvenir, you can attach your names & wedding date to it. Make sure they are individually wrapped!

It is too many.I think
I am amazed that I am still getting responses to this.  We are going to have 40 people at the wedding.  We have more than 40 fans.  I have created little "mint" favors.  We made 25 sunscreen favors.  I also have over 40 "For Your Tears of Joy" packets.  I have also at least 30 white handkerchiefs that I  will roll up and tie a ribbon around.

I suggest around 65. Though your husband says not all men will have fans, some will still get one for their daughter, mother, etc... better to have a little extra in case some gets two fans, or some gets damaged during transit, etc.


Oh and Congratulations!

From us here at Victoria James Photography!

I think one favor is enough.But it depends upon you budget. If you want,you can go for it.Whatever you picking a favor,It should remain long time in the mind of guest.So,pick the wright favor for the wedding.If anyone needs help in this,can use the wedding planner iPad app and gain it.


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