Even if you're never a bride yourself, you can absolutely count on being a bridesmaid. These days, that role can be expensive.

For me, I am so exciting to be my best friend’s bridesmaid, and I get to assist with everything. But the first important thing for myself is to choose a nice dress to match the beautiful bride. 

Right now, I found a item looks not bad.


But it isn't as cheap as i expected.

Could u recommend some stores offering this style?

Many thanks.

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You should check with David's Bridal to see if they have this dress. It is a-line, so I cannot imagine that they cannot help you. Good luck. It is a beautiful dress.


$199 is not considered expensive thats on the low end for bridesmaid dresses; however David's Bridal does have a section for bridesmaid dresses under $100, as does woreitonce.com or preownedpartydresses.com (has even cheaper)


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