How soon after delivering a completed project to a bride can we blog about it?

For wedding vendors, accomplishing a project means something personal like wedding stationery, favors, dresses, etc.  I make handcrafted wedding invitations and stationery as well as favors, and I am wondering how soon after  I have finished and shipped a product can I feature it on my website/blog?

With items such as stationery/invitations/save-the-dates, sometimes the client hasn't even send them out to friends/family yet, so would it be rude of me to already have them up on my blog?  Won't it not be a surprise anymore should someone in her circle sees it?

Is this even important?

Thanks, would appreciate your feedback!

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In my opinion as long as you don't include personally identifiable information about the bride & groom in your blog post I think you should be fine posting about the project soon after it's completed.

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Thanks for your replies, Glen, Stephanie! It is definitely food for thought. It seems like it would vary from bride to bride, and I suppose posing a simple question to the bride wouldn't harm anything :)

I am so glad to see other designers who struggle with the same question. I've always wonder the same thing. I would hate to ruin a brides special day. As I rule of thumb I try to wait until after the rsvp date if it's a wedding invite. That way I know all her guests have gotten them and I can't be accused of spoiling the surprise factor. If it's a wedding program I always try wait till after the wedding. If I just can't help myself, which I am ashamed to admit has happened - the design was just too much to keep to myself - I print another with fake names, dates and change the ink colors so I can still share the design but it's not hers. If that makes sense? The once or twice I did it, I suppossed it was harmless but reading everyones posts it does make me wonder. Maybe it's best to err on the side of caution? Love to hear other thoughts on the subject!

For me, I send out a teaser trailer. I will put on Twitter or Facebook that I'm making charms for a wedding and the colors are such and such. Then the day after the event, I will post pictures of what I had made and brag like crazy. In regards to invitations, you should always make one extra as a sample with a standard mock couple info printed on it. You can just make a template and use the same thing on every sample you create. This way you have something to post without revealing any information about the actual wedding and you also now have a physical sample that you can have in a 'look book' for brides to see at bridal shows or during consultations. I do this with my wine charms. That extra piece I make becomes the sample piece that people can touch and play with at my show booth.
I always ask the bridal couple first.
They sometimes send me photos when the event is over and that's when I ask if I can use the photos for my blog or website.
That way I know I have permission because I feel even though I created the design, the photos belong to them.
I ALWAYS change the name,date and location to make a mock invite for invitations.
I post the real invites AFTER the wedding date with details of the wedding, after receiving the couples permission (still blocking out personal information).


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