Good day everyone!  I have a wedding coming up in May and the venue that the reception is being held has REALLY BAD chairs!  (why would they do this???)  Anyways, the bride doesn't have much to spend on the chairs so I need some fun, unique, and cheap ideas.


Thank you, in advance, for your help!


Shelly Stone

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At my last event that I decorated, we rented chairs and removed the current chairs. Sometimes a bad chair just cannot be disguised....ugly is just ugly.  We received compliments on the rented chairs.

Hi Shelley,

How about using chair ties? Depending on the bride's budget she can either use a ready made (more elegant) chair tie (like $ 8/pc) or she can use tulle to wrap around the chair.

Have a great one!


check out for some stunning chair bows and covers at very good prices.


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