To all Wedding professionals,
What do you wish your brides knew BEFORE they came to you for your services?????

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Weddings in Puerto Rico are cheaper than they think!
I wish Brides knew the quality of our food, service and facility. I wish they knew that we don't have five hour time limits. I wish they knew that most of the time we are 30% less expensive than our competitors. I wish they knew how hard that my staff and I work for each and every one of them! If they knew all of this, they wouldn't be so stressed out running around to other facilities, only to come back to us!

Kathy Huillmann
Banquet Coordinator

Fraternal Order of Eagles #437
Springfield, Il 217-720-0947
Brilliant Kathy!
I would prefer a bride and groom know and understand the difference between a DJ and a DJ who is also "Professional Wedding Host".

Oh, my goodness.  I second that.  I once had a bride hire a DJ that stuttered.  Guess what he could not do?  MC or make announcements.  Cutting corners and watching the budget is fine but don't do so at the risk of ruining your event. 


The other is the difference between the coordinator at your venue site and a wedding coordinator.

That is a great one!  There is such a big difference!

Brides need a condensed version of things they needs to do and know before talking to their first vendor or trying on their first wedding dress. The number of brides who come into my store thinking they have plenty of time to buy/order their wedding dress with only two or three months before the wedding are under a big misconception. Brides need to be seriously thinking about purchasing/ordering their wedding dress at least nine months before the wedding to insure 'on time' delivery and with enough lead time just in case there is a problem with their dress. Problems do happen about 10% of the time. Waiting until the last minute not only limits the bride to her choices, but also adds additional rush cut and rush transit charges. And when a bride waits until the last minute, this will also greatly impact the bridal party who also now have to rush cut and rush ship their dresses.

Judy Stark
Wedding Center USA
Modesto, CA
(209) 521.5600
Judy Stark,
An excellent point and well made.
Brides should follow this advice with all vendors and that includes DJ/Wedding Hosts.

Deciding early on a time line, or the names of the wedding party and family to be introduced, creating music play and do not play lists, yes or no on slide and/or video shows, what stories to be told and shared, what announcements to be made, who should be recognized, what traditional or non traditional events they want to be included etc will make those last days before the Big Day so much less stressful and even fun.
This is SO true!  Having been in bridal sales, before opening my planning business,  I saw many things happen that impacted the bride in a negative way.  I think that brides get so caught up in the "trying on" and the fun of shopping that they lose sight of what is really important.   Having a planner on board before doing anything can keep a bride on track along the way.  A planner can help you find the right vendors, save money and have a perfect wedding.   But, no matter, a bride needs to allow at least nine months to order a dress and 3-4 months for bridesmaids.  Trust me, I ran several stores- the shop is not lying!
Amen to that Shannon! So many times brides wait to meet with the floral designer until the end of the planning process...when they have spent way more than they intended on venue, food, bars, limos,etc...and then want the over the top look for very little $$. Then they just begin "price shopping" instead of going to the floral designer early to know what the decor will cost.
I'll third this! It applies to the cake as well. I had a couple who booked the site they loved which came with a required caterer. Between the venue and the food, they had already spent almost their entire budget. By the time they got to me they had only $400 for cake to feed 200 people!

I'd love to see more brides getting a good wedding planner involved early in the planning stages. A wedding planner can help with creating a realistic budget, and finding a venue and wedding professionals who fit that budget.
I agree with Judy. Brides need to have realistic ideas of what cakes and catering and venues and everything else costs. What we run into is that they'll spend $10,000 on a dress and have $5 per person for cakes AND catering. You can't go to Sonic for $5!!


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