To all Wedding professionals,
What do you wish your brides knew BEFORE they came to you for your services?????

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Amen Enchanted Affairs! Not only do we relieve stress, we can also probably get you better prices.

Amen!!! Even as a invitation designer I completely understand the role of the wedding planner!
I'm with you. Brides really need to be educated about the role of a wedding planner. Unfornately, there are a lot of planners that are not certified and are a "hitler" type when it comes to the big day. I can't believe the number of horror stories I hear from other vendors and their experiences with planners. I've even had a DJ who cringed when he heard there was a planner on board. Brides really need to check references on the planners and their experience. Of course being a certified planner is the best choice. I am certified with the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC). Every three years I have to be recertified.
Besides making the wedding go smoothly, I have heard from vendors that having a planner on hand also makes the day for them easier. A photographer needs to find grandma for pictures, a planner can find her. A big help in educating the brides, is having fellow wedding vendors ask the bride who their planner is? Their planner can not be mom or a friend. Family members don't want to work on the wedding day. Besides, they aren't trained to handle some situations.
I have no problems with what brides know. What I want vendors to know is that our job is to help brides know they have lots of options. Vendors stop whinning, complaining, bitching, crying. Video will never be as important as photography because the media goes out of date to fast. Will a vhs tape of a wedding from 5 or 10 years ago be able to be easily popped into a player and be viewed? NO! Will a wedding album be able to be opened and viewed easily in 5 to 10 years from now or even from 50 years ago? YES!

If you answered to yes in any way to this question then it is your responsibility to educate that bride about your product / service. This is what this job is about.

I have been photographing weddings since 1981 and have done well over 1,000. It is my job as a bridal vendor to help my bride with anything and everything. Because I am one of the vendors who is usually involved from beggining to end of wedding I am able to help any and all questions about anything wedding related a bride might have. Do I want brides to know this? Yes that is why I tell them.
I agree that we need to educate our customers!! There is no doubt about that. But some of the gripes are valid. It doesn't hurt to run to the drugstore and pick up a bridal magazine. This way they can see what brides are doing now and maybe see some things they like. Doing a little research doesn't hurt before you approach the vendor.
I wish brides would have a basis of what they want for their events. Although we are here to assist and guide them, we don't want to make all of their decisions for them, especially if they are undecided and say "Do whatever you think is best". When this comes out of a brides mouth, I get nervous because what I think is best, they may not. I am referring to decor, centerpieces, favors. The wedding day is a bride's happiest day; therefore, it should represent THEIR ideas and personality and the groom's, not the planners. We are here to assist in making those ideas come to life, beautifully and flawlessly.
WOW! Thanks everyone. I definately think we all need to educate brides a bit and I asked the question so when I start blogging I can hopefully speak for other vendors and suppliers in the industry. Don't worry, names will be changed to protect the innocent!
Any more from anyone!?!
I would like Brides to know that Wedding Planners are not pricing researchers. We are not in business to find prices for them so they can compare vendors. I would like them to know that we put a lot of time into helping them clearly communicate the vision for their weddings, and in making suggestions to accomplish what they dream before we even start charging a fee. I would like them to know that when we have an initial consultation with them it takes a lot of skill and time on our parts to be able to listen and envision what another person sees. I would like them to know that most of us do this job because we love it. I would like them to know whether or not they really want a Wedding Planner before they make an appointment. The internet is full of articles and information that can help a bride decide if they need a Wedding Planner and I would like them to avail themselves of that information and make a decision. I would them to know that we are not in the business to defend ourselves and prove to them we are worthy of their business. When they come to us it has to be because they want a beautiful special day that they and their families will not forget...
I had always assumed myself that hiring a wedding planner helps me to get a good price. I understood it as the planner is looking for the best price possible with the best quality for the dollar so that I am within my budget. I can understand how frustrating it must be though when the bride questions if they are getting that.
I would like future brides know their budget, even approximately. They can not understand how much it helps them and after us. In Greece the financial support of parents in couples to be married, is a tradition. This may sound good but it is very confusing. Because parents are paying, they require to invite friends, relatives and colleagues completely unknown to the couple. This leads that the list of guests to grow much, while the couple make different plans about their wedding. In the end all upset because the parents can not afford financially and the couple has to start economic compromises . Huge mess.
These are affect the work of a wedding planner too. You need great patience to face all these (and much more) changes during the planning.
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Anyway, I am not one of the wedding planner or offering wedding services. maybe they should know first what they want! Figure out the maximum amount you are willing to spend.

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