To all Wedding professionals,
What do you wish your brides knew BEFORE they came to you for your services?????

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Hi Shannon, You made an interesting point but really do brides even *know* how much flowers & decorations even cost?  

I remember when I was shopping for my wedding (shhh 22 years ago) and I was sitting across from the florist and she asked me "what is your budget?"  I honestly had NO CLUE.  I had no idea of the names of the flowers she suggested.  I basically just told her the colors I wanted and no carnations - that was it. 

I ended up with a $200 bridal bouquet because she had used 7 Orchids and I don't know what else LOL.

Boy do I wish I had the internet 22 years ago planning my wedding!!  So with this said, I suppose brides could research and *should* research the costs of flowers & decorations before seeing a florist.  But maybe many aren't so saavy to research.  

As wedding vendors, we are constantly educating each and every client.  Teaching them A to Z.

Just my 2 cents. :)

Marika Lane

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I'd like brides to know that wedding videography/cinematography can be so much more than pretty moving pictures set to music. I'd love for them to know that while you can put your album on your coffee table, and frame your favorite photos, only a great wedding film can capture the voices, words, and stories that "flesh out" every chapter of the wedding day. I'd like brides to know that years from now, the sound of their parents' voices talking to them as they get ready - and about them, as well, throughout the day, will be priceless. That grandparents' advice for long and wonderful marriages, told in their own words and heard in their own voices will be blessings heard again and again; that couples will laugh and cry hearing again the first words spoken to one another as they recess back down the aisle as married partners. I'd like brides to know that editing an amazing film can take over a month of full-time work and should really cost well over 10K. That wedding films can be shown on iPods and iPhones. I'd like brides to know that most wedding videographers haven't shown your what's possible, because you've been advised to spend far less on a videographer than on your photographer, so that they really can't offer you all that they can do.
I'd like brides to watch some really amazing wedding films (go to and then reconsider where they might want to list videography/cinematography in their list of priorities.
I wish brides knew that brides who hired a videographer/cinematographer prior to their wedding valued the expense HIGHER after the wedding than before; and, that a significant percentage of brides who opted not to have their weddings filmed, regretted the decision!
Well said!
very well said Annie! I've actually had a few brides ask me to capture still images from our video of their portrait sessions. One stated her photographer's 3 rolls of film were somehow damaged and without my videotape, she wouldn't have had any copies of her formal portraits.

Wedding Khoncepts
Amen sista!! Very well put, my thoughts EXACTLY!
I agree as well. Most brides, grooms, writers of wedding magazines and wedding web sites have no idea of the time it takes to start the editing process after we've shot an entire wedding. Myself, I use P2HD cards and have to download them into Final Cut. Then I have to make a disc image for archiving. It's not until doing these things that I can actually sit down and edit. Now the meat and potatoes. Color correcting, audio sweetening, filters, sound effects, and musical choices. Then time for exporting and outputting onto DVD or FTP site or flash file.
My wish is that the brides would see how much trouble professional videographer go to make their wedding film as beautiful as possible. Not only visually, but aurally as well.
A group of vendors are holding a workshop for Brides so we can let them know, "What to ask" Would love to have anyone that wants to come join us.
Event: Your Wedding, Your Way!!" target="_blank">;
What: Wedding
Start Time: Wednesday, December 2 at 6:00pm
End Time: Wednesday, December 2 at 8:00pm
Where: Ramada Plaza @ 13th & College Ave.
$5 cost will go to the Salvation Army
How was the turnout for this event? What a great idea!!!! With the engagement season upon us will you be hosting another event in Janurary or February?
Naomi Raiselle, incredibly well said. We are videographers in San Diego (Bob Hoffman Video Productions), I was going to say something similar, but I couldn't possibly put it better than you did. I wish couples realized that they wanted videography and thought ahead a few years so that we didn't have to spend so much time validating our importance to them. I wish they knew that they will be sad if they don't have a wedding video of the beautiful day they planned. I wish they didn't think that just because Uncle Billy has an HD camera and will do it for free, that our job is easy and should be cheap (like DIY articles say).

Like you said, the amount of work we do before, during and after the wedding is more than could possibly be imagined and, considering how long the end result lasts, is certainly worth more than we charge. Finally, I wish our brides realized that we don't just want their business, we really do want them to have a video for THEM.

p.s. Naomi, I like your site :)

Amanda Morgan
Bob Hoffman Video Productions
Mind reading is NOT one of my skills. Bring swatches if you want colors to match; bring pictures of things you have seen that you like, but understand that everything you want may not be available given budget constraints. Think about and talk with your fiance about what is the most important. Make a prioritized list and SHARE it with us. We ARE in business to make money, but we are not out to take advantage of you -- if you share what your priorities are, we may be able to think of another way to get a similar effect.

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Excellent reply Susan!
I wish brides knew how important wedding planners really are!! We are usually the first to get cut, if we even made it to the list at all. Brides just don't understand how much stress we can take off a bride, especially on the wedding day.


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