To all Wedding professionals,
What do you wish your brides knew BEFORE they came to you for your services?????

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How georgeous the Central Coast of California is and how much they would enjoy having their wedding here hiring A Heart to Heart Wedding Consutant to assist!


Brenda Boorman

What a question! Watch out! I'm apt to get on a soapbox in front of a crowd who might want to throw things at me or put a finger in their ears. All wedding vendors play integral roles, and I apologize if I come off in a patronizing fashion or sound didactic. Most frequently, when a "bride-to-be" calls, they remind me of someone just shooting in the dark, opening with the dreaded question, "How much do you charge?" I'm in the wedding entertainment business. From my standpoint, here's what I wish they knew BEFORE coming to me for my services:

  • It's the entertainment that sets the tone of their reception.
  • It's the entertainment that keeps their agenda flowing smoothly.
  • It's the entertainment that maintains the interest of their guests.

And though the "DJ" is customarily seen as just the music, the music is only one tool I use to provide the grounds for friends and family to feel connected, to experience they're a part of the proceedings, to participate, and to have fun for the duration of the celebration.


I wish brides had a better handle on what real wedding entertainment contributes to the success of their special day—how it can be personalized and how what their guests experience during the course of her reception can be a memorable reflection of both her and her husband. If brides were acquainted with these notions before contacting me, whew, that'd be great! Mostly, they're not. Never thought about it. And then, if they're receptive, it's incumbent on me to share my perspective, without scaring them away regarding the inevitable concern: what's this gonna cost and can it fit into my budget. (An aside: bad entertainment costs more than quality entertainment.)


Thank you for reading my thoughts. Here's a link to my Wedding Entertainment Website.


....It would be great for brides to have makeup trials about 4-6 months before their special day,just so that this would give them enough time to give a wonderful blitz to their skin, ensuring they look beautiful and glowing on their special day :)   x


have a great weekend everyone,



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It would be nice if brides knew that a Wedding Planner isn't a luxury but necessary if they want to save money and make sure that the vendors are reputable.  We not only save them money from discounts being passed on to them, but from costly mistakes that they might make.  It's heart-wrenching to hear just before or just after a wedding that they wish they had hired a Wedding Planner and that's probably just for the parts not going so well. They probably don't even think about the comparison of cost savings with or without a planner.
I agree with you Janis.  My next two blogs will focus on wedding/event planners.  Please visit my previous blogs if you are a wedding/event planner, caterer or venue.  Feel free to post it on your site or hand it out to your clients. 

I wish bride new the word 'compromisation because a lot of my brides have had rifts where they had to postpone the wedding because they couldn't get what they want due to their budget.

I always advice them would they rather be in debt for long time or have a amazing wedding with a budget? You can get a lot of those 'expensive' things but much lower prices.


P.s. Looking for vendors around the world, if you wish for me to recommend you to my clients please email me on: and also visit us on

I would like brides to know it is not ok to have children running in and out of dressing rooms at a bridal shop.

mermaid bridal dresses can either be slinky or highly constructed, depending on the fabric it is made from. If you want a slip style dress that lightly hugs the curves of your body, light-weight silks and satin are the best choices. Stiff fabrics, however, will draw attention to the construction and dramatic shape of the bridal gowns. Either way, the mermaid style evokes images of sophistication and sex-appeal, whether it is worn at a casual beach wedding, or a formal evening affair.


I would like brides/grooms to know that they should look for a quality photographer who shoots the same style that they like, instead of price shopping.  And people who want me to shoot for many hours but only want to pay me crappy pay (or be approached by 'aquaintences' to do it for free!) 


What they don't realize is the tens of thousands of dollars I've spent to go to school for photography, buy equipment, advertising, doing trade  shows, etc.--not to mentions the thousands of hours I have spent to practice my craft, work on my portfolios, etc.


Also, they think that my time is just for the day that I shoot.  What they don't realize is the 36-40+ hours I spend digitally enhancing their photos too.   Also, when people wonder why a wedding album is so "expensive", they aren't thinking about the amound of hours I spend to put it together for them to make it look beautiful as well as I have to pay another vendor to print the album for me, so I still need to make a profit off of that as well as be paid for my time.


Imagine if we asked the bride/groom to work all week for a fraction of what they normally get paid????

I tell clients that if the photographer doesn't make them smile when they are just in conversation, that perhaps they should reconsider.  Matching their style is so much more important than price.

I wish they know how important it is for invitations to set the tone.  And also that printing light colors on dark paper requires something like thermography or foil embossing- it's not inexpensive and easy to do.


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