To all Wedding professionals,
What do you wish your brides knew BEFORE they came to you for your services?????

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I wish brides knew what kinds of alterations their gown will need and how easy or difficult it may be. This can cause huge sticker shock.
Hi all,
I have summarized this discussion and put it up on my blog. You gave such a great response that I had to break ti down into 3 posts. Please have a look. Also on twitter @aislinnannie.
this is an amazing idea!
I'd love if Brides could establish a budget before meeting with me or if already established, if they could be realistic about how far their dollar will go in certain markets.
I wish brides knew they get what they pay for! There is no problem with budget, but I think many assume budgeting means cutting back on EVERYTHING. The amount of ladies I've seen who have bought gowns from China and have then gone out and bought a 'second dress' incase the one they've ordered is rubbish. By the time they've spent out on all these gowns, they could have had a 100% silk one made.

I wish Bride and Grooms understood the cost of amazing, professional photography! A lot of girls have no idea how much professional light equipment cost, liability insurance, insurance on you equipment! Do you know that just 1 professional lens can cost anywhere from $2,500- $4,000? If a photographer does not have these type a equipment, your images could suffer greatly! I try to educate everyone I can to reassure them they are making the right choice when they chose Alternative Life Photography & Design! Cheers everyone and happy tweeting!

Sharon Wheaton
Alternative Life Photography & Design
I saw a wonderful artcle about professional photography. What goes into it and thought it could be applied to most professions that require skill, equipment, etc
This is fantastic!!! I have only read the first little bit and it hits many main points! Thanks for sending this to me! Cheers!
That just as they go to their jobs every day to earn the living that provides them their livelihood, this is ours. That true professionals put many hours of preparation in before the actual day of. That, in our case, because we are a group of 9 people providing entertainment that can set the stage for memorable pictures and video, we need to compensate those people for their skill, experience and ability. And that since this is a once in a lifetime experience (or is supposed to be!) that they should never settle for anything less than what they've always wanted, and finding the absolute best in each vendor category will ensure they have that day.
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Cliche, but:
You can't buy insurance on a burning building!

Know what the risks are and if you choose to "self-insure" and take that risk - that is fine as you are making an educated and informed decision.

However I think many people place large deposits with various vendors, assume liability for hosting an event, and are not aware of the many risks if something should go wrong (Although we all hope it doesn't!!!).
I wish brides knew to feed their vendors while they are eating. Bride, groom, and guests don't want their photos taken mid-chew. Most caterers feed all of the guests first and THEN the photographers, this is so frustrating. Proper care and feeding of a photographer is important, especially when working a long 8 or so hour day. We need a little break and something to eat. But, do it EARLIER so we don't miss a beat on the dance floor when everyones ready to work off that big meal! :)


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