If Father won't walk you down the aisle, Is it ok to ask your future father-in-law?

My father is refusing to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day, and my fiance' is saying that i should ask his dad( my future father-in-law) to walk me down. Is it ok and appropriate or should i find someone else to walk me down.

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Im sorry to hear that you are your father are not on good terms. My father and i are the same so I've asked my grandfather to walk me down the aisle. As long and you and your FFIL are comfortable with idea then go with it and enjoy your big day!
Talk to your family first about this. Make sure that there is not someone that has played an important role in your life that would love to walk you down the aisle and give you away. If no one wants to step up to the plate, then ask yourself if you are comfortable with having his father walk you down. If you are not, there is nothing wrong with walking down by yourself, as a Strong, Confident and Independent woman, ready to give yourself to your groom.

The Bridal Babe
I would definately discuss this openly with your family before you ask your future Father-In-Law to Walk you down the isle. This must be hurtful for your Father not wanting to do this. Is there any particular reason why? This is something you have to discuss with your Father personally. If he completely refuses adamantly and won't change his mind I would certainly ask someone else. Is there an Uncle on your Dad's side that would walk you down the isle?? I would consider this first, or a Brother(if you have one) or your Mother and Step -Dad together...FIRST...if this isn't a possibility then ask your Future Father-In_law. The important issue is to have all family members feel comfortable with this, especially if your Father will be attending the wedding. Good luck!


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