If you get married,which place will you choose? a church or beach?

I love beach, but my husbands said that he wanted to hold our wedding on the church.
I have seen my friends wedding. It's hold in the beach. It's beautiful.
Does anyone have more options or suggestions?

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Of cause beach is better than church!
See the blue sky and the blue water, the white cloud and the white wedding dresses, and blue rose!!
That's wonderfull.
My wedding is hold in the beacher.
and my wedding dresses is like this http://www.ambersbridal.com/full-a-line-strapless-swetheart-court-t...
it's really perfect!!

I would choose the church I find it more reverent; I also love wedding ceremonies in gazebos or caves

Oh how I love beach wedding so romantic, you just have to careful plan the logistics and make sure to warn guest! As cute shoes and sand don't mix! so either warn guest beforehand or provide wedding favor flip flops! I also love woodsy, enchanted forest type weddings with lots of trees, very fairytale. Why does your hubby prefer the church wedding is it because of tradition or he just hates the sand? ( I hear that a lot from grooms, but they usually do it anyway to make you happy)SCORE!!!! If it is because of tradition, you can have a traditional wedding ceremony on the beach with no problems. If it is the sand, find a state beach that overlooks or on a cliff the beach but your not actually standing in the sand, or a good thick aisle runner should do the trick!

Best Wedding Wishes!

I dream of a beach wedding.

I wish to come closer to the sea.

I like this dress, but I'm afraid it's not suitable for a beach wedding.


beautiful dress it looks like something you would wear for a church wedding not a beach wedding; if you really love it there's no reason why you can't wear it for a beach wedding; not sure when you are getting married or the time of day, but you might consider cooler temperature for wearing the dress

 You can have both a beach  and chapel religious wedding! I know there are many venues on the Cancun , Riviera Maya area  that have chapels and religious services near the beach. 

I can suggest a double ceremony, a religious one at a church close to the beach and a sort of "renewal of votes" at the beach soon after, maybe at the same place where you'll have a venue later. I have already organized such an event and the result was wonderful, just take care of timing!!!

You have to come to an agreement - the beach is a beautiful idea and the church is traditional and elegant. So, maybe you meet halfway and do a beach-themed wedding; you can still get married in the church, but the reception can be a beach-themed look and feel. Decor could include such things as a corner wall area with netting that has starfish, seahorses, sand dollars, etc. Maybe your centerpieces can be the unique, DIY colored sand centerpieces or floating lilypad type centerpiece or even miniature sandcastles. There are many ideas that you can include so you can get the best of both your ideas since it is both your day and it should be very special! Hope this helps.

You are between a rock and a hard place! Many Ministers will perform ceremonies on the beach. Maybe you could have the best of both. The beach is so natural and flowing! Beach weddings are our specialty and we have done well over 1000 BEACH weddings and they are just beautiful. A few tips: keep it cool. Don't do a beach wedding in July. If you must, then wear loose cotton clothing. If it's summer, have your ceremony in early evening/5pm or 6pm. Be prepared to serve a full dinner.

I have tons more ideas, like gifts/games for children that are incredible boredom stoppers!

Don't hesitate to contact me. I always love to talk about weddings.........especially beach weddings!

If you do choose a church wedding, I have great ideas for beach themes as well!  We live on the east coast. We are surrounded by ocean.



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