If you get married,which place will you choose? a church or beach?

I love beach, but my husbands said that he wanted to hold our wedding on the church.
I have seen my friends wedding. It's hold in the beach. It's beautiful.
Does anyone have more options or suggestions?

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Beach weddings sound more fun and romantic, though you also need to think of the problems you may face at a beach wedding, like strong wind, dresses flying high, glasses dropping off the tables and maybe more, so you need to consider all that too.....

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We have done over 1000 beach weddings. Some people just have the ceremony on the beach and reception at a restaurant/event venue OR a beach house if the guest list is small (50-75).

I guess they are my fave because of the ease of the flow with the photographs. I can have the bride and groom flowing in the wind, walking and admiring looks at each other. Very romantic. The sand does not hurt  your dress, and if you get bold enoung to go into the ocean, say in 4 inches deep of water, the dress dries and the sand falls off rather quickly.

We have seen 100's of Ministers/Preachers leave their church/parish and go on location to the beach to perform a religious ceremony, so you get the best of both!! The only thing a beach does not have is Air Conditioning!!

Here in South Carolina, it gets well above 100 degrees in the summer, but, the wind never stops on the beach, so it is tolerable.

We did this wedding on Feb. 4, 2012 on the beach. Watch on thru the wedding; it was held inside a beach house and we took the bride and groom to the beach afterwards. Very romantic:




Ceremony in Beach House, awesome photos on beach afterwards:


Full Catholic Church wedding; fun beach photos afterwards:



Good luck. Call us if you need more advice or email us.







Many brides choose to have a traditional ceremony in  a church, while others have taken their special day outdoors to a beach. It really depends on the vision you have created of your dream-wedding. Also, Choosing the right minister or officiant for your wedding day it's an important deal, he should reflect the importance of your special day. Having that in mind, and reading our best choices , be sure you'll enjoy a fascinating wedding experience.



I'd do beach myself but I'm not super religious. Maybe you can do ceremony in church and reception on beach?

I prefer beach, because I love blue sky and sea. I'm looking forward to the day that I get married, dress my favorite wedding dress, I have already chosen: http://www.dressfame.com/goods-748-Grace+A-line+V-neck+lace+wedding...

Does it suit for beach wedding? I super love this wedding dress.


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