I run a wedding coaching service in London. There seems to be an increasing demand coaching...but not exactly the type I offer!!!

As a former model I coach on style and confidence. My clients are happy and I'm proud of the work we do!

 But I'm not a life coach (although I appreciate self development etc...)

I help bride carry themselves with poise, style, teach them how to walk in heels with massive dresses and how to take a good picture.

But I have been experiencing an overflow of demands for Wedding coaching as in: "do you help with the planning" "can you give planning tips and help monitor the planning process" Not as a wedding planner as these brides want to keep control but as a "planning success tracker". Some even asked if I offer a "couple coaching prior to marriage".

That trend is massive!!

Brides do you agree? Do you feel you need to be coached?

Professionals what's your opinion?

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