Which is the best way to create inspiration boards; I love them and tried to create them with no luck.

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Thank you for asking the question Konstantina! And thank you all for answering the question. This has been a great help!
Christie O -Sorry for taking so long for the hints...

1. There are quite a few number of blogs that are not per se "wedding blogs" that you can "grab" (with proper credit given) thousands of photos. Especially a few Tumblr blogs that purely posts pictures that the blogger finds interesting. Sometimes you will see a picture that you love but don't know how it will fit in a board...GRAB it! Put it on a folder on your laptop because you may come across another image that would work perfectly with it. I break my folders down by colors.

2. Think outside the box and look for inspiration everywhere! Decor mags, someone's home, the sunset, a pair of shoes, perhaps the color of a shoe, jewelry, etc. Inspiration is everywhere. Do not limit yourself to just wedding magazines and sites but still visit them; however, don't let that be your only source of creative genius

3.Look at the colors in nature. What colors pair well together? Google "color wheel" and you will find online color wheels that will create combinations. That will give you a head start.

4. Pantone is the SOURCE knowing what color is in the "in" and for understanding color trends and what pairs well together. The site is a great source of information.

5. Experiment...that is the most important. I usually create a board and leave it alone. A few hours later or the next day, I look at it again just to give it a look with fresh eyes. You just don't want to throw items together that "match". You want to look at the details as well. Do the details match. Do the ruffles on the "dress" match the pattern on the cake? Things like that...

Why do we do these boards? Becaue brides look at them, trust me, I know. If you have a blog put them up there. This allows brides the ability to see how creative you are, if you are able to design different types of weddings, (e.g. modern, bohemian, classy, eclectic etc.) and if youi can be original. Cookie cutter doesn't cut it in this industry as we all know. Everyone wants something different...sometimes with little money but that's a whole other forum! :-)

Don't force yourself to create a board. Do it when the feeling hits you or when you've had a "Ah ha!" moment. Be daring, be differernt, but most importantly be yourself....and your voice will shine thru! Good luck!

Oh and one last hint, use whatever platform you are comfortable with. Whether it is Photoshop, Dessy, Style Me Pretty, Bridal Canvas, find the one that works for you. ;-)
Naomi you are amazing. thank you so much for your advices.
Naomi, you ARE amazing. Thank you for the advice. I trust others will benefit from it as well.
Christie - Thank you...I was taught to spread the knowledge...always. I can only hope that others appreciate it as well. You and Konstantina made my day!
This information is SO great. Thanks!
I actually use http://www.scrapblog.com/. You do have to register to use it.. but once you get started it's fairly easy. When you have the photos you want to use you can upload them all and organize them how you like! If you ever need help with it let me know. Good luck... I just started making them last month I really enjoy it, so have fun with it!
Thank you v much, you give me another option which I 'll try soon.
Hello I created a board but how do I save it and upload it on the inspiration board? I tried saving it as image but it uploads in a very small size. I created the board on dessy.com
Log into Dessy and go to "My Style Boards." Find the style board you want to share and click "embed in your blog." Dessy will automatically generate a snippet of code you can copy and past into your blog. If you need further instructions, email me at hindsightbride@gmail.com Make sure to include what kind of blogging platform you are using and I will make a little video tutorial for you.

Thank you Christie for the information. But what I need to do is post my board here on on bridaltweet on the Inspiration board like everybody does. Can you or anyone explain me how to do to that once I created my board on dessy?

Thank you!


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