What are the top 5 things a couple should look for or top 5 questions to ask when interviewing professional photographers?

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I have a great free resource guide that answers many common questions regarding wedding photography for brides! http://bit.ly/9ilVeX

Just remembered I said I was going to post questions which I consider really important. Of course I'll assume most of the regular questions have been asked. These are a few extras off the top of my head that I think may be rather important to ask as well:

What if you can't make it on the day due to illness? will you be thrusting another photographer on me, or will you be offering me several to chose from?

Will I have to feed you on the day?

If certain events get delayed on the day, will you stay extra hours? will I be charged for that, how much?

For those doing non-traditional english weddings, you need to ask if the photographer has done your type of wedding before.

What if I don't want you blogging my images, can I opt out?

You need to ask to see a complete set of wedding images.

Overnight and travel arrangements if required, who pays?

If the photographer is not a photojournalist, you need to ask if he/she is comfortable directing and posing people.

What if theres not enough time for bride and groom portrit session after the ceremony, can this be rescheduled? and what are the implications?

Is there an engagement shoot as part of the package?

How do you select images to turn into black and white? do I have any say in this?

Does the photographer work alone? or with an assistant or second shooter?, can you opt out of this, will it affect the price?

Are album preview changes allowed? will you be charging me for them?


... more to come






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