Intimate Autumn Engagement Photo Shoot in Walthamstow, London, UK

What a beautiful, young, photogenic couple! One of the most romantic atmospheric shoots! We have provided photography and videography, with some drone shots to this lovely couple’s engagement during coronavirus pandemic days in Springfield Park in North-East London.

We have also interviewed the couple after the shoot about their love story – how did they meet, how do their belief strengthen their love, how did they start loving each other and how do they support each other. So lovely answers they gave us!

In every shoot, we need to direct couples for kissing shots. In daily lives, kissing is natural. We kiss when we greet, start learning it since a very young age, however, kissing in front of a camera is another thing.

Here are some tips for getting great kissing poses for photos:

1) Look 1: Kiss with Passion, just go for it, ignore the camera
2) Look 2: Kiss with the girl’s nose showing (Don’t know why, perhaps just to keep the girls happier.)
3) Look 3: A little kiss on the lips. The best angle is almost kissing, but not kissing. When the lips touch, turn your face 45 degrees to the camera, if not, the photo would only show two head smashing with each other… Another tips is kissing with a smile, try it, take a photo and compare it to the one with lips sucking… You will know why…
4) Look 4: Kiss the cheek/ ear-lope. Always kiss on the cheek closer to the camera, no one would know what you are doing if you kiss on another side…
5) Look 5: There are other places you can kiss which make total sense, like forehead, nose tip, hair, temple. Some people would kiss the eyes… I found it weird on photos, not my favourite.
6) Look 6: Except the kiss, the bodies need to make sense as well. I have seen a lot models having the pretend kiss with their bodies far apart… The body language telling people they are not that close actually. If the subjects are real couples, even you don’t tell them, their bottom part of bodies (below waist) would be sticking together or at least close to each other. It is telling people, ‘we are together.’ Except the body, the hands would be doing something as well. Either on your loved one cheek, neck, hair (or playing his/ her hair), on your partner’s waist, chest (normally put on guy’s chest), arm, shoulder, back pocket, pulling the guy’s clothes forward (look weird if pulling girl’s clothes forward…), pull his/ her chin towards you (it is good, loosing double chin… use this accordingly, because it may look like one lover has more power than another one).
7) Look 7: Flying kiss. Just good for solo shot. It would look a bit too cheesy if showing another half pretend to catch the flying kiss……

There is one prompt we like for kissing poses: Normally, we don’t just say ‘kiss’ then nothing… Give the subjects something to do, ‘Kiss each other, now put your hand behind his ear, use your finger tips touch his cheek. Oh no, don’t slam him…’ (normally there would be some laughing here) ‘Just touching his cheek with soft hand. Now, xxx (the guy), softly hold her hand and kiss her hand and EAT her hand now!’ (normally the girl would try to take her hand back, looked surprised and burst into laughter). Then, normally… after I finish the whole chain of shots… ‘OK, we have got the shot, let’s move on.’ After we turn around and start walking the first step, then we know it is time to turn back and take another shot. 90% the couple would give each other a kiss without us prompting. Then, we would say… ‘Oh, you two are posing again.’ That shot is priceless. Normally the couple would laugh, almost want to cry and looked a bit embarrassed because they got caught…

For more engagement photos, visit our gallery. Look forward to receiving your comment and enquiry!

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