My client was married at a private ceremony last year and now they are getting married in Las Vegas. The invite has their married names noting the invite to celebrate their marriage ...she wants to change the wording to their commitment ceremony. I know these words are used for partners instead of traditional couples. They did not want to use exchange of vows. Do any of you have any other suggestions of wording or should I go forth with commitment ceremony?

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I think the commitment ceremony wording should work; after all, it is their celebration, and as wedding planners we do our best to accommodate our clients and provide the best services we can. They are already married, so they are not really exchanging vows per se; but, they are choosing to celebrate their marriage, thus committing to their pledge of love to each other. Hope this helps.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. It did spur some discussion, but the couple decided they were more comfortable with the suggested wording to celebrate their marriage....
I also feel that with some of the young couples I am working with they want to use "a different approach" to the wording but they usually go with the traditional invitation wording.
I don't like "commitment ceremony" either, as it is already a committment through the private ceremony they already had.
I would suggest "celebrate their lives together".
Thanks for your great suggestion!


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