I am thinking about offering invitations to my brides.  What experience have you had wit the various companies out there?  I have been researching and thought I would ask your opinions on what companies you like the best and why?


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Hi Lynn,

We are a stationery vendor located in Atlanta, GA but service nationwide. We network with planners across the states by providing them with samples of our work and discounts. All invitations are created by using high quality materials and each one are personally handcrafted to perfection.

We provide immediate response (via email) to all planners
We work closely with you to make sure we meet your brides needs as well as deadlines
We offer various packages and invitation styles

Feel free to visit our site and let me know if we can assist your brides in their planning. We would love to network with you!!
I'm sorry I can't offer any advice on this topic. But my company now offers my invitations retail. If you would be interested in getting pricing and more info please email me at takeitpersonallybychristine@yahoo.com. You can check out my work at takeitpersonallybychristine.com
How about the idea of sending invitations on leaf.. Theme color of wedding will be green and party theme will also bsed on nature.

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I work with http://bridaluxe.com which is a great affiliate program comprised of a selection of wedding vendors. One of the invitation companies that my brides seem to love is Wedding Paper Divas which is part of the Bridaluxe group.
Hi... This might come a little late, but I have been active in affiliate programs through my website. I do retail invites and figured I would add the online affiliates because I didn't want to lose a sale online because someone didn't see what they liked. Anywho... I have found Tiny Prints and Jean M to be good.... But I've maybe made $200 the whole year. They mostly pay you 10% of the sale and that equates to about 50 bucks average. Shareasale.com has tiny prints.

Hope that helps!! Good luck
Thanks to all of you for the information. I will look into these companies.
I design custom event stationery as well..........have you tried Carson Craft. An event planner I know uses them and she informed me that there is a 50% commission if I am not mistaken!
I was also going to mention Carlson Crafts. They offer everything from wedding to christmas cards and the commission is 50%
Consider calligraphy for your invitation. Visit my site at larryorlando.com then contact me for more info.
I also offer custom invitations and stationery. I am located just outside of Philadelphia but work with clients and vendors nationwide. You can view some of my stationery on my website at http://www.melissadweddings.com. If you would like to work with me, you can email me at info@melissadweddings.com.
I just do the calligraphy for the invitation suite, but do not get involved in the printing. The bride can take my art files and have any company or stationer print them on the stock of choice. I also work with wedding planners in the same way: I send them the calligraphy files and they take it from there, whether it is to be letterpressed, engraved, etc.
Wedding Paper has been deemed the most design-centric, user friendly and highest customer service invitation company online by numerous industry pundits and the press. Unique stationery include wedding invitation collections, save the date announcements, bridal shower invitation designs, thank you cards and other wedding party invitations.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,you may use the wedding planner iPhone app and get help.


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