Help! Looking into bring invitations into inventory. Wondering if brides are going through printing companies or doing it themselves. All advice helpful. Thanks!

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Plenty of brides are still buying invitations. Your average bride is smart enough to know if she does or doesn't have the creativity to pull it off!
A lot of companies are also offering discount invitations so brides can get quality without having to sacrifice the budget.

Nicole Keesler
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I do hand calligraphy invitations and I can tell you there is a great deal that goes with printing invitations. It takes a great deal of time and creativity. I would say if you have a true love for design and paper then yes -- go for it! I think you have to love it!
When I got married I designed my own invites and then I had them printed by a local wedding printer. It turned out cheaper since they only charged us for the cost of paper and printing per se. The design fee was waived of course.

These days it's pretty easy to make your invites yourself using a screen printer like the Yudu or a Print Gocco. DIY and handmade invites have a charming and tactile quality that offset printing can't deliver. If you look through the Gocco group on Flickr, you'll see that there are a lot of them brides doing it themselves these days.

Letterpress printing, on the other hand, makes for a very elegant invitation but of course it costs a lot more than offset but I think there is still a big market for it.

For the bride on a budget who doesn't have the luxury of time though, there are always POD fulfillment services like Zazzle and Cafepress where they can design their invites online, order them and get them in a few days. My bridal stationery store, for instance, has some funky, ready-made designs that brides can personalize to suit their needs.
I went through a printing company for my invitations. I did not have the time to devote to DIY my own invitations.

Soulful Engagements

Both! I specialize in graphic design services for do-it-yourself brides & there is an equal amount of brides who want the digital design only & who would rather have a full-service stationer (I offer both options).


For those who print themselves, they either take it to a local print shop or send to an online printing company (like cardsandpockets)

What about Candy Wrapper Invitations? They are easy to make with this software, and fully customisable:  Wrap Candy Software

You can make all sorts of personalised items with the program.

Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalised Wedding Favours

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Bath & Soap Favours

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Beach & Wedding Favours

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Favour Boxes




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I've seen both. I think if you're really on a tight budget and trying to save money, then the diy route might be the way to go (check out Do you have a photographer? You could probably have them design your wedding invitation from your engagment photos for a personal touch.


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