Hi, just joined the forum. I am planning my wedding, and need some good ideas and thus I am collecting whatever ideas I am getting here. Before planning my dress I am planning on other things like the wedding accessories and wedding jewelry.
And, I am very excited as I have so many things going on in my mind, and I don't know which one to give first priority.

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your first priorty is setting a budget, picking your date and selecting a location
I have a blog on what to do after you get engaged, you should check it out.
First off, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!!! I second the advice of setting a budget. I do invites and calligraphy and there are TONS of ways to value engineer your stationery, however, rarely have any of my clients ever thought what they wanted to spend on it in the first place!!! Don't be afraid to ask questions, challenge your vendors and shop around! I also agree that the location is the top priority as the good venues go pretty quickly.

Good luck!!!

Excellent news! How exciting for you! Regarding the question of "now what?", I agree with everything Christy said. After that, I would apply her words of wisdom about challenging vendors and shopping around to finding a wedding photographer. Like good venues, good photogs book up early. We are generally booked about a year in advance ourselves. When the time comes, I've got a helpful blog post about how to choose a wedding photographer at www.groovydoodle.net

Good luck, and best wishes!
Congratulations! Planning a wedding is so fun. There are so many details to think about. The first thing to "plan" is your budget and then set a theme. Once you have a theme set then all of the other details should fall in line. Good Luck!

Bride to Bridesmaid
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Hi Carol, Congrats on your upcomng wedding. I agree with everybody else, as to choosing you budget should be your number one priority. My advice to you is that you should buy your wedding dress first, and then choose you bridal accessories. Your accessories have to complemet your wedding gown, a finishing touch, not all the way around. For example if you choose a Swarovsky Crystal Headpiece and then fall in love with a wedding dress with embedded pearls you've lost time and money in accessories that won't work. You cab visit our blog How To Choose a Bridal Tiara that Complements your Gown http://goo.gl/b/a3Am
And you can browse our amazing, yet affordable collection of tiaras, headbands and bird cage veils at: www.fairytalebridaltiara.com

Good Luck!
Congratulations! my number one advice to you is through all of the planning and spending, don't forget that you are getting married!!! Also, your budget is likely going to be your first priority, but don't forget to add enough room for the wedding rings. Many times they are left to the end, but after the cake is eaten and dances danced, these are the true tokens of your special day. Good luck!
Hi Carol,

Ginny and John here, from Stardust Productions. Congrats on the engagement!

One thing to think about, when planning, is if you want your wedding day to be filmed. As an alternative to digital video, we shoot weddings exclusively with vintage super 8 cameras for a beautiful, retro look. The films are custom edited by John (an Emmy-nominated editor!) to a soundtrack of your choice, and transfered to DVD. Your 10-20 minute wedding film plays like a highlight reel of your big day.

We also design beautiful wedding invitations. You may want to think about sending out a Save The Date once you have the date finalized. It can either be a simple mailing, or a PDF you can email to your guest list.

Please view our wedding films and invitations at: http://www.stardustprod.com/

We are based in LA, but love to travel! (In fact, we recently moved to LA from MA!)

Happy planning:)
Ginny + John
my suggestion is to get ready to plan a wedding before 2 or 3 months from wedding.We decided on a wishes collection because my BF has a pretty big family and they tend to get together a lot so we know that they will all attend, plus my family, and our friends so all together we have between 70-75 people. But were not allowing more than 75. We are on a budget since were both still in college we don't have a ton of money to spend. But i did pick up a second job, and all the money I make there has been going into my savings for the wedding.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,can use the wedding app and ease the tension.

Congratulations!  It is an exciting time and you should enjoy every minute of it.  I have posted over 200 posts on my blog covering almost everything for your wedding.  Check it out and hope it answers your questions or helps you out at www.ijustsaidyes.com.


This forum is a great resource as well to ask any question and many vendors will be sure to reply with wonderful suggestions and ideas for you.


Wish you the best!

I think it's a great idea to choose one or two pieces, such as your dress, shoes, jewelry, etc., and work around these one or two pieces to complete your wedding day ensemble.


As for actually planning your wedding, I think the two most important things to do first are to secure both your wedding ceremony venue and your reception venue. Where I live in Cleveland, Ohio, they can be the hardest to find and to reserve. I've known couples to reserve their venues two to three years in advance. Everything else seems to fall into place once this is done.


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