large and established competitor with same residence join Bridal Fair with him or not ?

hi everybody here

i have a dilemma

i can attend a bridal fair with my 2 cars (see also my request here for ideas for a business name)

i heard that a large and established wedding transport company( also has shops with 50s items and clothes and jukeboxes etc.) will be attending

this company is located in the same city i am.

i have 2 cars only as i start and i know for shure he does not own those.

now i am hesitating to join him at the fair

what if he thinks hey i dont have those cars in my collection and its a new segment of transportation.

he could easily buy the same cars cause i am pretty shure he s a millionaire.

what would you advise me?

to skip this fair? ( there are 2 other ones i can attend before the fair i am talking about and i cant attend every fair financially-wise.

a good thing its pretty close to where i live so potential clients live there.

or dont try to mingle in his business cause were in the same place and he s a pretty big business man?

or just go cause i have cars he does not have and hopefully i attract my own crowd?

also i am a member of an american car club and dont really am jumping up and down for the rest to know that i am starting a business

i know the business man i am talking about knows me and other aquaintances of mine so i am expecting him to tell some of them

 the aquaintances also have classic cars so it might set them off to think .... if you know what i mean.

so ill have even more competition also of people that will start it as a side business for fun...

i hope you can give me some feedback on this

so to go or just skip

greetings Peter

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I wouldn't attend if I did not have a way of distinguishing myself from the larger competitor

Dear Caren,

thanks for your reply

I do distinguish myself cause the competitor does now own any mustangs

but cause he has lots of business it might bring him an idea to just buy one

thats what i mean

and he s living in the same place..

greetings Peter

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to prevent that from happening; however I meant distinguishing yourself not so much with the type of car but a service - something that would not be easy to find or put together right away; giving you an edge to build up your business; for instance as a wedding planner I also offer travel services and seamstress for brides looking for quality alternations on their wedding dress


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