my fiance is persian and we would love to have persian food at the wedding, are there any good venues in southren california with persian food as a caterer option?

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In what city?
Have you contacted Javan Restaurant, Tagine Restaurant & Byblos Restaurant?
thank you all for the suggestion, I will definitely go ahead and check them out :)
Hi Januari,
Did you find your dream location yet? St. Regis Monarch Beach is dedicated to fulfilling the bespoke service that you are looking for to accompany your request for a persian theme. Please reach out to us if you are still in need...we would love to assist you!!

St. Regis Monarch Beach
sadly we have not found a venue yet....apperently my groom doesn't care so much about food, but is demanding that we find a place that allows us to have a wedding that will go on to 2am?? if any one knows of a venue that allows that late of a time from around 7pm until 2am...I would appericate it. :(
If you need some more leads, you could try this website called the Wed Connect. All you have to do is fill out the form with the details and they'll send you some leads. It's all anonymous, all you need is an email address. They may be able to help you find other vendors too.

guys if you are interested in any kind of wedding services, you can always check on and see users' opinions on various kind of stuff


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