Hey fellow Bridal Tweeters! My Fiancee and I are looking for a photographer, we have a few in mind but would like some feed back. I liked the pictures from Big Day Photography, Premier Wedding Photography, and Robin Gaucher Photography. 

I see some differences already, like the prices between the three, Premier is the cheapest and you get a lot more for your money! I like that some of the packages come with Videography as well as Photography. 

But I would still like some feed back please help! Thanks in advance! 

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Cake & Pictures (http://www.cakeandpictures.com/city/atlanta/wedding-photographer) is a great photography resource and has top notch photographers with different price points, I would really suggests looking there. With photography, I would be careful forgoing quality just to save a bit (everyone says this, but it is the only thing that lasts after the wedding and the only way to remember all the other things you spent your money on!). When looking at the images, you want to see photographs that make you wish it was a photo of you. Be sure to ask when you meet with photographers to see an entire wedding. You want to see an example of what you will get, from start to finish. A lot of photographers just show some best-of images, but you don't want to end up with only 4 really great images, you want 40! Also, it is also good to get a feel for the photographer's personality to see if they fit well with you and your fiancee. You want to be comfortable with them and some photographers are more fun while others more traditional. Well, I hope that helped some! Good luck with your planning!!
Thank you for your response. I had a consultation with Chris Brock with Premier Wedding today, and it went splendid! I already put my deposit down for my wedding! I am getting the Promise Package with comes with a videographer as well as a photographer! I am so excited I cannot wait till my big day. My fiancee and I really hit it off with Chris, and we are getting engagement pictures done as well with him. As a surprise for my soon to be husband I will be getting Boudoir pictures done, so I can give it to my husband on our wedding day! Here is the website to check out Chris's work chrisbrock.org.
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